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Monday, January 10, 2011

Opened in the middle of winter flowers

KırıkkaleYenimahalle Mosque courtyard, rose flower has opened in the middle of winter. The mosque community in amazement while watching a flower bud that opens on the other hand sniffing.

Indicating a sudden change in climate due to such events occur Kaybal Mustafa mosque congregation, in the middle of January that he remained a rather surprised face hadiseyle said.

Previously heard that in some provinces such events, but he noted that the policy once Kaybal witness, said normally opened rose tree flowers in spring.

This season, there is the possibility of re-opening of normal time blooming flowers, Adnan Catak congregation in the mosque saying, "In such situations, to avoid facing the need to irrigate flowers in cold weather. In this way, the water reaches the roots of the plant and root freezing offers. This early blossoming trees to prevent." he said.

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