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Monday, January 10, 2011

Fairuz what crime?

Foreign nationals young player Fairuz P. the prosecutor's office filed a complaint against her lover: Married hide that, tempted me with the promise of marriage. Raped me my drink, taking drug. Then they took 13 thousand liramı dolandırdı

Foreign nationals P. Fairuz young player of the living, sex films not call ... a variety of ad films and TV series role in the 19-year-old talented actress, Jamie D. Kelly deceived by the promise of marriage, just as his other films such as Nuri Alço drink rape drug has been thrown, and then claimed dolandırıldığını. D. Fairuz in the Prosecutor's Office filed a criminal complaint on 8 December 2010, Kadikoy P., "Justice would like a mere formality. I did not do anything to be ashamed of," he said. Fairuz P. MORNING Special Intelligence Department did not want to talk about the incident before the event to learn and to reach him. She agreed to speak on the subject of changing the name of Israrlarımız publish. Here's a young player's allegations:

Exporter Chicken Legs ...
Fairuz P., a luxury restaurant in Istanbul in August 2010 and had dinner with his girlfriend. Full payment of account is prepared to leave the account paying the closest learned. Edited later emerged that a scenario of this 'pseudo-coincidence' work, Fairuz P. 's next to his girlfriend, sitting on the side table and the account that pays Jamie D.' t knew. Fairuz P. In this gesture, he met with other women, a similar alleged looms D. 's, let sit in their desks. Jamie D. the young player himself, introduced himself as a businessman in China, exporting chicken leg. Between the two began a relationship in a short time after this meeting. Now görüşüyorlardı every opportunity. Even Jamie D.r 'unaware that the young player of the married, the influence of persistent requests for him to marry his girlfriend, introduced her mother.

Binary, Fairuz's birthday on 4 September, they met in a restaurant for dinner, met. Fairuz said that before but did not want to drink red wine, and then decide. But according to claim waiter, Jason D. 's request brought to the table of vodka mixed with energy içeceğiyle. What happened after that was. Jason D. According to the declaration of Fairuz, the young woman threw a drink bayılttı drug. After a while last Fairuz self in the morning, found himself lying in a hotel room. D. 's sexual intercourse proposals, not yet back into the grounds of evlenmedikleri Fairuz, had lost her virginity to understand. From this, he closed his house and began to see the psychological treatment of the beautiful actress, Jamie D. 's in the face of pressure and death threats began to negotiate with him again. In the meantime, Jason D., would get married before the house under the pretext of P. Fairuz 'wanted to 20 thousand. In honor of the young woman who got married and clearing account was persuaded to give 13 thousand TL. Fairuz, that a second shock was shaken by the incident shortly after ... Jamie D. yargılanıyordu fraud, and it was still married. Learned of them and immediately took the breath Istanbul Kadikoy Savcılığı'nda Jamie D. filed a criminal complaint about.

The prosecution of sexual assault, fraud, threats and insults launched an investigation into crimes. Now, Fairuz P. 's physical and mental health of the review of Forensic Medicine to identify corrupted. According to the results of the investigation, Jason D. 's, the Turkish Penal Code 102 / 2 and 157 under Article sexual assault, rape and the agenda may be tried on charges of fraud. TPC 102 / 2 material, up to 12 years for crimes against sexual immunity, regulating the crime of fraud 157 Article stipulates a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

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