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Monday, January 10, 2011

SharkDid he eaten kebab?

1 day after being exhibited in Konya, a fisherman brings shark kebabs made by cutting the tail, the weight is being sold from £ 10.

Brought by a fisherman and fish exhibited in Konya, 4.5 meters long and 250 pounds in weight attracts the attention of those sharks. Starting from the shark on display from yesterday, today, the tail was cut before the kebab.

Many citizens enjoy dog stare kebabının then bought from £ 10 per kilo. Soon half the fish sold in the dog. Children noted that the mobile phone image of the dog fish.

Chairman Ethem Pasha brought to Konya shark fishing, "fisherman gift came a shark in the Mediterranean to us. 30 years of fishing we do in Konya, have not seen such a fish. Normally, we brought it to show on television, but a lot of cancer and other ailments To say that the pieces on sale at the request of citizens present. God willing, healing, şifasını May they find. We have sales going very well, have an intense interest in waiting for the evening to end, "he said.

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