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Monday, January 10, 2011

The track is the most famous victim of obesity

Many of Hawaii'li Iz'in musician who died 13 years ago obesity was still a language does not the film music of the songs. 'Israel Kamakawiwo' in the name of the trail shortens the life of a musician loses 38 years old and a full 343 kiloydu

Ministry of Health has declared 2011 Year of Combating obesity. SABAH'ta read in the last month according to the herald news, all the employees in the workplace, just like the Japanese to a certain time of day to do sports. Living my life as an athlete so glad someone like you would predict. The same day I read by chance a death hikayesiyse justified based on this fight showed how much. The track is the hero of the story. Hawaii voice announcing to the world get along, despite a 38-year-old singer who died of morbid obesity. During his final years forklift to move the scene of the golden-hearted man falling victim to obesity and weight was 343 when he died.

"I see the ADAM THE LARGE"
Real name Israel Kamakawiwo'ole ... It is difficult to say or write as well as the name, Iz Hawaii'li shorten the local man, was first starring Brad Pitt "Meet Joe Black," also heard. Somewhere Over The Rainbow by the death hit a year later was chosen as the film music. Soften the sound, so the inside of a human being ... Researched. So that the owner was a man of sound, my eyes do not get majesty. It turned out her first discovered in 1988, the same feelings stricken Bertosa Hawaii'li music producer in Milan: "I remember the time I first saw him. The big man came through my door I've ever seen. I think at that time filandı 225 pounds. The first thing we made him a steel chair in the studio was to find. Somewhere Over The Rainbow, he said. A very nice sound, happy, funny, a man full of life. " Iz, fame in 1989 before capturing the first heart attack at age 30 spent.

Over the years, TOOK THE WEIGHT
When the 1993 deal with a company called Bertosa and Trace Mountain Apple Company, obese singer's voice was heard. But in the intervening 5 years had a full 90 pounds, 315 pounds had seen. Skippy's brother who died of heart failure at 28 years of obesity in 1982, Iz, for the same end will come, he knew. So the new company will live as long as music producer and Jon de Mello, one of the people closest, taking all of his record. When I told the studio and every song, every joke told by ... De Mello, Iz'in was recorded in the following words: "my mother, my father, my sister, and finally lose Skippy'yi very scared. But I'm not afraid of dying. I know in this life are transitory. Hawaiililer'in like to think we have the blood of . Do not cry for me when my time. sew it for me in a tree on the beach. People around the play. "

The trail, as Hawaii's most beloved and best-selling musician of 38 years died 26 June 1997. Difficulty in breathing and oxygen tube in his final years, the young man, was cremated after his death at the request. The ashes of his family, fans and close friends, flourished along the waters of the ocean. Indeed, after reading the story of Iz'in, "Obesity can lead to death so magical how people have a voice?" were told that. He himself was once a friend of mine who are obese and lose weight is for a large effort was not difficult to understand Iz'i: "I understand, but people are obese. This does not work the middle of most of the time. Or like me, the weak, or you die. You never an obese elderly Did you see? " The trail, an honor very few human rights recognized by the Congress Building, was buried in Hawaii. But I did not deserve death at a young age.

Michael Jackson out of the car was followed by
Sitting for the concert are obese forced Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Iz) was preparing for the concert and food items during a special behind the scenes. In recent years, the oxygen tube next to the stage followed by the last konserse Iz'in was Michael Jackson'ınki. Obese singer, Jackson out for concert parking area off limits to the minibüsünden followed.

He promised a strict diet
Died, 187 centimeters tall 343 pounds with a full trail, even though his beloved wife, Marlene, and daughter Ceslieanne'e pounds succumbed to the struggle. He died two years ago, 163 pounds will fall in 1995 took the oath. All his life trying to keep its promises Hawaii'li singer, a strict diet program to implement the local press in 1996, the less salt, fat and more than enough water, hiking, swimming, and will include different exercises, he said. But neither the music nor the love of his family could not save Iz'i obesity.

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