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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Ministry has invited me

New Year's Eve Hotel, Cyprus TRNC Foreign Minister Hussein Ozgurgun Cratos hand in hand with the claim on the agenda followed by the concert from the Seray Sever, surprised by his description

Shepherd explains that they are ministers in a distance, while also going to Cyprus at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.
Shepherd his written statement, "I attended with my friends invited as a guest of the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr ministers talked to everyone, and extremely well mesafeliydik. During New Year's Eve entertainment convergence has not been mentioned to any person "in the sentences given. He learned the new leaves of the Shepherd lover Ozgurgun not live in relationship with said flatly. Sever also said that the ministry also invited.
Local 'Star Cyprus' newspaper, minister Sever using this exposure of the news, 'the Minister added Seray' headlined the "binary having fun together, seconds before the new year by counting backwards from the guests was the enthusiasm of the public" gave expression to the place.

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