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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday gifts Sezen'in studied

Aşkın Nur Yengi 3 years after the new album "Doll Gözümün"which was released with Emma Music

In recent years collected old songs from the album in front of listener Yengi, this time the album has included 10 new songs. Sezen Aksu and his daughter after having a baby Nazlı'ya Yengi him as a gift "Gözümün Baby" and "Forbidden Apple" songs for the first time studied in this album.
Yengi aranjesi including studio and spent about 40 thousand, but Peter Dinçöz'ün "I bought that song before, I open the case, " said Izzet Özdoğan Serkan compositions, lyrics Günther Shepherd's "You've been alone I'm" not use the song. Ozan Çolakoğlu Yengi'ye Records album, which lasted 1 year, Mustafa Fly, Fly Roger, Agenda, Spring Group, Somken Erdem, Mehmet Akatay, Murat Yeter, Akpençe Yasar, Betül Demir, Fatih Ahıskalı, Birkan Sener, Goksun Rye, Genghis Baltepe, Kadir Okyay , Job Protector, was accompanied by famous names such as Hassan Gözetlik and Celestial Eagle.

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