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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Konservatuvardaki teacher Stars Kenter "television series in the theater, but please do not ignore" the advice that fits the shape of the first stage play, starring Hand Ataizi'nin after years of "Private Lives" begins on January 13

Ataizi'nin Cihan Ünal Burcu Kazbek'le Şencan Friedman and co-starring Theatre of Istanbul, the first week of the game sold out tickets. Have experienced the thrill of being a theater audience Ataizi will meet again, "the intense interest in the theater to see the audience very pleasing, " he said. 2.5 months after lowering her baby dropped out of psychology, stating that his bad Ataizi the one hand, TNT, "Supp - I Married" program will offer, on the other hand koşturacak theater game.

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