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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yasar: Pop for me below the level of

Pop music celebrity name Yasar, said not listen to pop music

Channel A, on-screen with a guest of Harmanda'nın Esra Yasar, "Do not listen Serdar Ortaç for example, the question of " "No, no. Thinking of a way. Exposure to stay, but ... I am playing everywhere, but listen to the ear hears, hoşlanabileceğim music, but for me it is below the level of the music. Serdar Ortaç dinlediklerimin level, even down between my music listen to how? "he said. Is your heart still lives in the blank question: "No, that is not empty! Who says so empty? Of marriage this year, touching evil, but I'm not talking about much, "he said.

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