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Saturday, January 8, 2011

150 people applied for Eva's film

Starring Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes shares and some parts will be shot in Cappadocia, "Ghost Rider 2" 150 people applied to take part as an extra in the film

Cappadocia, Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association President Mustafa King, in his statement, the film crew said they had requested extras player. King, on demand as a result of their announcement two days, Turkey, Tunisia and Germany as a role player to be extras in the film, 60 women had applied for 150 people, indicating a role given to 60 people recorded as a result of the selection.
On the other hand, in Cappadocia, the film will take place on Thursday, January 13 to begin filming scenes learned. The first one taken in 2007, starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes in the film, the father of his girlfriend's life and soul to the devil in exchange for selling only at night because of this exchange in a cursed soul into their told motorcyclists. The film is Brian Taylor has undertaken to Cappadocia to the movies, a film crew of about 400 people are expected to come.

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