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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Famous composer expert shock

Roger Akcil, 2004, Emeline Müftüoğlu'na messenger of the Jeep hit the lawsuit by the expert was fully defective. Akcil, courier installed pay a compensation

Ismail Sen Roger Akçıl'ın struck a courier so you can not use his arm fully recorded can not do his job.

Roger Akçıl'ın Jeep struck in 2004, started the engine courier Ismail Sen's case for compensation was flawed expert report 100 percent of the famous composer. Akcil prepared to go abroad on June 24, 2004 Emeline Müftüoğlu'ndan was to use the Range Rover brand car.
Ismail Sen Akcil same day courier cargo carrying motor hit. Sen after the accident, due to a broken arm, could not turn became part of the elbow. Offered in 2006 resulted in a criminal case and sentenced to punishment Akcil 3 months imprisonment and £ 440. Then the penalty, converted to a total fine of £ 1430.
Can not use his arm to make the motorcycle can not kickstart the Sen, the famous composer later Bakirkoy Justice 3 Court of First Instance of 20 thousand moral law, filed for $ 1,000 compensation. Rate of 38.2 percent of the business can not see the report of the forensic medicine expert report prepared for the Roger Akcil Şen'le, 100 percent were defective. £ 120 thousand with interest the report Akçıl'dan Sen is able to claim incapacity benefit was given. To be seen at the beginning of February, the last hearing of the case.

"We take the penny"
The license holder is responsible in cases of compensation for an accident if the Jeep Akcil, the court will decide Müftüoğlu'na bill does not pay compensation. Emel Ersan Taştekin Müftüoğlu lawyer, "If we stay, we have to pay the price, penny until we get Roger Akçıl'dan. The only thing to give the car a friend of Mrs Emeline. Also interested in and I never know whether the interest to be the case, "he said. Emel Muftuoglu the "Sinan'la met before, and 'Do not worry, that my responsibility' he said halledeceğini issue," he said.

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