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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sultan Solomon accused of licentious as the first part of a series of magnificent century the debate flared after the publication. Meral Okay the series scriptwriter, documentary underscored çekmediklerinin

The series of Kanuni party early enough, the great love of the eight-month quest Hurrem Sultan Uzerli portrays the Virgin Mary, then in Germany.

Introduced by the Ottoman Hanedanı'nı wrong, as shown by the statutory lust, and alcohol-seeking people for allegedly coming to the screen the focal point of discussions in the "Great Century" series, the audience for the first part of the previous evening. On the basis of fragments of "What Hürrem'i, Emmanuella this outright," the most curious productions in the style of the public comments yapılmasıyla the series between the first section of the Socio-Economic Status by the EU was only the first day. Tim's Prodüksiyon'un exacerbation of discussions on the production company spent £ 3.5 million announced, Meral Okay jeneriğinde signed the final series "This series is inspired by historical characters and events" in the given sentence.

Protested in front of Cinema
Grand Unity Party (BBP) in a group of Istanbul Provincial Organization, describing the series broadcast time period of Abdul Hamid, "Sultan's Secret," they go to watch the films in front of Sultan Süleyman period described in the "Great Century" series of protest. The group in front of movie theaters in Sisli press release, "Great Century" series, karalandığını Ottoman Empire Suleiman the Magnificent in the stressed and the array is shown as a lecherous producer, to protest the broadcast channel. BBP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Bayram Khan, "In our country, not karalayan history, history, seeing the beauty of movies should be done. The Harem as a brothel, showing the Ottoman sultan as the lustful, "he said.

Inspired by the statutory period of dramatic fiction with historical facts that point to the audience, reflected, but not absorb a documentary script writer Meral Okay, said:
"We çekmiyoruz a documentary will be shown in schools. Sultan's children to the world through the pollen ended, his sexual life in a harem, and according to his family that we are also taking a number of television rules in the fictitious characters, historical facts and take inspiration. "

Arinc: We will Gereğini
State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, "Great Century" series about, "the concern and sadness" he said, "Complaints and legal framework will take into account the need to do quickly," he said. Culture and Tourism Ertugrul Gunay, the "Orientalist perspective seems related to the department immediately, but the first may be unfair to make a special court," he said. Arinc, said: "I like Suleiman the Magnificent 'Suleiman the Magnificent' was introduced as the harem of a man, fond of drink, and even some of the scenes do not amount to say slice aiming to show a relationship to ... Trailer-larından such düşünülebiliyor understood. Alacağımızı into account the need to rapidly and within the framework of the law of the drama, the complaints say to do. "
Ankara, Milliyet

Expenditure of 450 thousand pounds of fabric
'Great Century' series sets and costumes also aroused curiosity. General Coordinator of the Great Century Nermin Eroglu, Vakko special fabrics, as well as the production of Mersin, Antakya, Turkey such as collected in various parts of the fabric, said: "Total spend about 450 thousand pounds of fabric. Costumes designed by Lisa Basbug. The total cost of design and manufacturing teams costumes around 230 thousand liras. Great Solomon's ring on his firm had with the art director Lily Boybeyi Giritlioglu and was designed specifically as a result of joint work, "he said. Eroglu said that they added at the rosters for the series, "The first chapter in the series of horses in the hunting scene, the staff will be always," he said. Plateau was prepared by a team of 120 people, Golden Road / Passage Palace, the Harem, Hasoda, Supply Room, Sultan's Sofa is designed as 12 different field. Atmospheres prepared in 5 months, 30-person group, sculptor and painter, wall coverings, doors and marble columns in the stained tissue allowed to give.

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