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Saturday, January 8, 2011

'katiyyen there has been such a fight'

Ilker İnanoğlu'nun, Victor Ergin'le veteran player on the set of his talk, "Back Street" series and the series producer Türker İnanoğlu left the claim, and the son, Ilker İnanoğlu sharply denied

Engin series portrays İnanoğlu superintendent allegedly said, "I've seen in Hollywood, I studied acting in America," he played Father Victor Victor Mature state reacted taslayınca superiority. In the post-fight between Duo İnanoğlu Ilker Türker İnanoğlu'nu by calling his father "Either he or I," he said. Mature series remained İnanoğlu the team left the "Doctors" series began to play.

'Time and again said'
Indicating that there is no truth to this claim put forward in the share of veteran producer Türker İnanoğlu, "there has been such a fight katiyyen. Ilker himself several times already explained the reason for separation. To see your son wanted to go to America for a month. Also did not want to play the same role. Moreover, the very sad decision to separation Ilker Ergin Victory comes at the beginning of his colleagues. Already I can hear this in such a fight does yaşanmasının. If you ever had a fight and Ilker me, 'What about me, or that deseydi at, I would rather my son, "he said.
Lenses mounted in the Victory Park Ilker İnanoğlu Previous day Istinye Ergin'le fight left for the assertion that on the question "I notice. Why leaving you told me many times. Do not believe the news of each post, "responded.

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