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Saturday, January 8, 2011

No one man, had no relation

After a long break Sezen Aksu's "That Girl" song music market returning Aldinç Aysegul, not looking to go to his wife during her lifetime said that no woman

MTV's counterattack Aldinç speaking program, the other women kıskanıp kıskanmadığı itself to the question "My self-confidence from time to time in the eksilebiliyor. Jealousy is a very human emotion ... However, this is a good feeling kıskanıyorlarsa not where we stopped. Because of my relationship with one man, not, not the ... Yıpratan Kıskananı a feeling of jealousy. Kıskanılana is the same, "replied. Aldinç to drink plenty of water for years at defying physics, sports, and positive thinking to the debtor, he said. Aldinç, "Good thinking, trying to correct diet and still try to be the man, " he said.

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