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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Levent Kırca'ya shock probation

Theatre and film actor Levent Kirchner was taken into custody yesterday. In October, Levent Kirca KS'nin friend's house in Beykoz Kavacık'taki came lien

K.S., explained the situation by calling Kirca. Kirchner immediately K.S. 's went. Kirchner allegedly from a lawyer for the lien Selah O operations. and discussed. Selah O., Kirchner and K.S. and nephew, FAC KS'nin. 'distraint of the blocking process and suggested that he had insulted. O suggesting that the threat was., Kirchner, KS and F.A.Ç. filed a criminal complaint about. So the Public Security Directorate, Bureau Extortion teams, Kirchner and the other two suspects were detained. Directorate of Public Security Branch did not accept the allegations brought Gayrettepe suspects. Kirchner, the police statement, "I did not insult anyone. I did not threaten anyone, "he testified. Levent Kirchner and the other 2 suspects were released after being interrogated by the prosecutor's instructions.

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