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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am proud to Great Yüzyıl'la

"Great Century" series of drinks and women seeking Kanuni as shown by the reaction continues to take a cut because of iddiları

In front of the audience from her role as the legal wife of Khalid Ergenç Poor comment came to support. Korel of the drama, commenting, "Wonderful Century, great. I am proud, "he said. On the other hand, the state minister, Bulent Arinc was why his comments in response to many series players.
Survivor contest, after announcing the name of the "Great Century" also portrays Mary Oflaz cariyesini Kanuni, the output array of harsh criticism. Bulent Arinc's description especially Oflaz reacted, "Mr. Bulent Arinc's' Great Century 1 I once again invite you to attend part. Using the said drink, sherbet or not he? "he said. In the series shown in the direction of the statutory iddilara seeking women and drink, the "MagnificentDid he sevişemez I wonder? Prince Mustafa was then how? Storks already brought us! "he said the reaction.

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