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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kurdish is a pop album yapmışdıkım

Kurdish album Ewinperwer'i (Aşkperest) issuing Mardi musician Jan Armstrong, says the region intertwined with Kurdish and Turkish. There are even hybrid name of the language; Türkmancı!

Jan Armstrong, in his own words "the people of all nationalities have the ability to live without problems", which has grown up in Mardin. "Most of today's musicians and even the ancients were Mardin. Ciwan Haco, Siwan Perver, Mehmet Şeyho, Miradko, which are the most at the top of Kurdish music is on the people. Recently, Rojan Beker, and the list Rojin girebilirsem I, "he says, laughing. One part of the lyrics, "the main source of Kurdish poetry, described as" Mardi Cigerxwin'a and another belonging to Omeri'ye Bro.

Very respected, "Brother," he promised, and the critic Dilmener Naim album and the first records, certify that the arranger Ayhan Mardi Evci'nin that they remind us there. "The current communication tools were no tapes. Concerts, weddings goes to the people listening to music. "" Said Kurdish? "I ask. "No," he says, "is said in Turkish. The air will be played in Ankara or something. "


"Sometimes the Turkish Kurdish is spoken sometimes, and sometimes mixed. Our Türkmancı we call a hybrid language formed. For example, 'yapmışdıkım' roots in Turkish, Kurdish shooting. But ultimately understood. "

Kurdish konuşulurmuş Houses. "Because my mother does not know another language," he says. Turkish "zone as most of the children" have learned in elementary school.

What about music? "In fact, my interest in music did not have much to college. There is a myth, or between the university who went, 'read the classics, learn to play instruments, develop yourself. "Baglama I started, I met the foreign tunes, especially the flamenkoyla; guitar I liked better. This time we are looking for the course in Diyarbakir. In fact, I saw an article 'Guitar Course' he. Pianist Adam. 'You start with a piano in a six-month, after the guitar becomes' he said. (Laughs) One hobiydi for me, being a step ötesiydi listeners. "


They showed great improvement in Kurdish music for years. "Koma Amed, Wed Neva, severe Jiyan, Rewşen Coma, Coma Balance Birati ... There was a movement of freedom, but economic difficulties and the language is still not exactly slowing down the acceleration. "

Koma Amed album, keeping the times that remind you of the reason, even pressure. "Now we do not have that kind of pressure, but the media, television can not use everybody. They are blocking progress, "he says.

Jan Armstrong, "I do pop music, a little rai, a bit of Andalusia ..." he says and adds: "The album has a flamenco Kurdish Romanian try. Roma, 9 / 8 'size of a piece done, there is a piece of disco. Songs I love, a broken heart, there is the loneliness of the city, "he says.

He also mentioned the loneliness of many to live in Istanbul, Mardin şaşırtsa me also that, "People are seeing the same things through the media. The same series of the same watch and listen to the story, "he says.

Mardin-line, and we lived in Munich

Jan Armstrong explained the process of making the album. "Kiziltepe engineering have my office, City Council also doing studies. Accompanying the festival I was involved in Kiziltepe Evci'ye Ayhan. Last night while sitting, friends brought my guitar. Akin Birdal, Mehmet Altan, Nilüfer Akbal, Ayhan had Evci. I stole my own bestelerimi. Then the 'Facebook' I said, 'I'm doing engineering, you want to use them.' 'One listen to' he said. "

Evci buluştuklarında in Istanbul, Germany, offered to record an album together. Armstrong, in the beginning, "I'm an engineer, not a longing like the album says" also convinced.

Did not get a visa for Germany, however, because of name similarity. "Finally I got the Schengen visa, the Greek Consulate. But the police took me four hours when I switch to my stay in Athens to Munich. Ayhan call 'This man is a musician, not keep' he says. Yes / Ich Will have prepared the song for his movie. (Kurdish version of this song to tell Jin album is) told me this. Police 'have not stopped there, but I never received a visa in Athens' Ayhan deyince the 'George had an appointment Dallaras'la' he said. So left. 'The new line of Mardin Munich was the' we said. Accustomed to discrimination, the black head in Germany, where the Kurdish, Arab countries, Turks. "

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