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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ecevit, Demirel fashion designer friend

Suleyman Demirel, who recently called on the agenda for many famous names from the work of a fashion designer. Are not interested in politics, to deal with the thought! Name of school life because of the difficult passes said Demirel, the ambitious new collection

Süleyman Demirel 9th President Suleyman Demirel, but not the name. Name and surname of the former president have in common. Our mention of Süleyman Demirel, Adana young and successful fashion designer. Interested in politics, especially in his youth because his father gave him the name came into depression or even a break even considering changing the name of the Demirel, now very happy with the name. Suleyman Demirel and his two brand Azor fashion designer is now appealing to a broader customer base will be available later this month on April defilesinin 2011 Spring-Summer Collection, and the excitement alive. Demirel and his problems because of the name of the new collection and we talked.

• Prepare for your brand new collection, some tell us about the Azores?

As usual, silk fabrics, chiffon, lace, tulle and organza used. Next summer I gave in to them to be in the forefront satins. Much more soft, light and pastel colors that I chose. Also popular will be the mint-green, fresh colors such as yellow, and shrimp have also used the clear tones. Roses dressed up in clothes. Models of the fish forms a very fashionable again.

MOST enthusiast Dress

• What's new in 2011, the Azores and Suleyman Demirel will be?

In fact, a little more haute Couture Azor'u tried to close. Ready-made garments can be produced and consumed much faster than the previous koleksiyonlarımda was making out the details. But it is worth noting the competition. Producer and manufacturer of evening dresses and even my products around a lot, even those who have imitated. The collection consists of 80 pieces. Most of the heavy handcrafted emerged. Our fabrics are very special and your own designs for the new season çizdirdim, drowned. In short, I actually like the Azores and Suleyman Demirel combined.

• dresses have much interest in why?

Which TV series you look at it, everyone is wearing heavy dresses. Consequently increased interest in dresses. Imagine, age appropriate dresses for teens under 18 from the elementary and high school students to prepare, but I prefer the heavy dresses! Nicole Kidman is not age appropriate or that they brought with them obey by showing pictures of Charlize Theron 'I want this outfit', they say.

Betsey Johnson STYLE

• 13-18 year-old collection of evening dresses for teens how did you get?

Chirping, ballerina-style, floating, fluffy robes prepared tinsel and age appropriate. High School American fashion designer Betsey Johnson style, fun designs prepared. Dresses for graduation at the University produced entirely by adults.

Ajda Pekkan wants to dress

• So far we've prepared the stage costumes of many artists. So you want to work Do you have names?

Most Ajda Pekkan Justin and I want to dress. Because I like both the style and I think my style uyduklarını.

I was disqualified from the competition!

• Who chose your name?

My father was a fan of Suleyman Demirel, and for many years a person serves DYP'ye. For this reason, Solomon, I have put my name at birth without thinking. I used to complain I was too, but I do not mind.

• Why were you complaining?

I was always a mockery of the school dönemlerimde. Bulent Ecevit, in the worst way, our class had one. Like a joke! Everyone was passing continuous wave. Think dönemindesiniz adolescence, they are already in psychology and is added on top of the crisis had entered a not fully in place. Also still having trouble alışverişlerimde. Population cashier who always wants to see the name of the credit card wallet.

• Do you have a bad moment?

Once I was young designers contest disqualification. Jüridekiler with them because I thought I used that name to draw attention to the recent wave.

• Have you considered changing your name But never?

Whether they ever saw when I created my brand of fashion ismimle Suleyman Demirel. Suleyman Demirel came to mind first because of politics. But my father is sorry he gave up.

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