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Monday, January 10, 2011

33 ancient art in a book

Art historian Professor. Dr. M. 33 Ancient Art of the Ottoman Civilization Kuşoğlu'nun written by Cleveland's book, the sultan of the Ottoman contacts tuğralarına unknowns tells many interesting arts

Works belonging to the Turkish-Islamic culture, style and form, wood, stone and metal craft decorative compositions by traditional motifs and an original and detailed information about all of the functionality of these arts in a book anymore. Art historian Professor. Dr. M. 33 Ancient Art of the Ottoman Civilization Kuşoğlu'nun written by Cleveland, interested in the history of art or hand-made original products of interest to readers of the Turkish Ottoman Islamic civilization with the culture of life, the understanding of the handicraft arts, culture and art offers a window. Source publishing the book, but also in the Ottoman Empire after the Tanzimat yaşanılanları also being put forward on behalf of the property is an important document.


Kuşoğlu'nun professional knowledge, this work has been exhibited, the sum of the branches consists of articles written at different times. The details of Turkish art building techniques, incorporating the philosophy of many books, arts, historical adventure taken up in 33 different categories, the names of masters and working patterns, examines the traces of the arts today. As a result of his investigations in various European museums and libraries in the eastern arts of the Turkish-Islamic and not been given enough attention by the difference in this area wanted to put out a book about the Kuşoğlu, about the purpose of preparing the book says: "People did not write history, such as making art, making history as the history of art also has posted. Looted and sold abroad, such as the Ottoman archive of the reasons known to us again melted, sold abroad and the transfer of art works into kapamıştır he dropped back to history and art history and even re-writable kalanlarıyla. This book is just one step. "

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