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Monday, January 10, 2011

Neighborhood bakery bread artizan

Naan, a small bakery İstinye. Her other distinctive feature of the neighborhood artizan furnaces made breads. Every day 300-400 out of cheap bread baking products are produced in yeast and natural village of sour bread aratmıyor

Progress in one of the tiny side street is a shop across İstinye. When we first meet us on step by vapor through the door, smoking sweet-scented bread. This is a cute name Naan bread oven. Naan, bread Ottoman meaning 'Naan-i is Aziz. Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, also received, in India, a 'naan' bread I mean again. This furnace is the difference 'artizan' or in other words, selling cheap bread.

ACTUALLY, studied economics

Naan Fırın'ın owner and operator of 29-year-old Sandy Abut. Abut 2005, graduated from Department of Economics, Koc University, he has never cooked a meal in a place with a corporate life and always wanted to be yakıştıramadığını explains: "Since my childhood I associate very meraklıydım food cultures. Kurulurdu nice meals in our house. I think I got from my mom hand. I wanted to eat but did not dare. I went to Barcelona and I did masters in the field of restaurant management. Then I went back to Turkey. Sushico, worked in restaurants in the Far East such as Wagamama. But people still wanted to be cooking dinner. Istanbul Culinary Institute artizan had bread baking program. Drew my attention to my story here and began to meet with bread. "


Naan Fırın'da beat at the French, wheat, rye bread has 10 different types of bread. When asked why you've chosen to cook artizan Abut'a bread "because it is very plain bread and spend more conversions. Artizan bread does not know many people. Artizan, the only flour, water, yeast and salt, used for a long time trying to fermented breads. Industrial yeast instead use their own prepared sour yeast, and cooked in a stone oven. In fact, we do our very best bread in the villages. Some breads raisins, walnuts, spices, kalamata olives, such as preparing the products. Five days later, the mold can eat Ekmeklerimizi "is the answer.

Makes sense does not crack the shell

Unlike Argentina Fırın'da Naan bread buns, mini pizza, chocolate and apricot-oatmeal cookies Mersin-wild, at Bagel sold. If you'd like to sit in the oven all of these products, tea, coffee with a well you can eat. Mehmet Ali Birand of the oven-goers, and businessmen, saying that abut Yilmaz Erdogan, Turkey has started to change the perception of bread, explains: "Perception is changing, but people still kandırılabiliyor of colors. When you go to the bakery necessarily find any brown bread. But how in the flour may be an additive, that color be known they are coming from. Bread ovens of the neighborhood should be careful to not crack when the shell cracks. Bread, cut from a piece in your hand immediately sönmemeli sıktığınızda. This shows the correct mayalandığını. Packed full of grain, read the full content of rye bread if you prefer. Because for a good bread flour, water, yeast and salt is enough. "

Sells 400 units a day

30-50 Sandy abut each day around the neighborhood selling bread. Bread prices range from £ 3-10. But his main revenue stream famous restaurants. "Istanbul, many of the hamburger steak house'ların give bread," said abut, Karakoy Restaurant, Nisantasi Canteen, Restaurant W Hotel and Casino for the day, making bread, 300-400.

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