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Monday, January 10, 2011

Not slow-paced songs are good for the soul

What comes out of psychology's merged? DJ Cenk Erdem graduated from Bogazici University Department of Psychology, Healing Şarkılar'la meets this question. Investigate the effect of music on people, offering them all the feelings of virtue is preparing albums

Now we all know the positive effects of music on the human psyche. Cenk Erdem is trained in psychology at the University of the Bosphorus, the music buff since childhood by making an album never vazgeçmeyince to combine the two chosen profession. The healing is not to treat with songs, aimed at people who listen to the beautiful sounds interesting to most of us will come many types of Erdem has a story. A successful psychology student soyunması DJing, the Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, not the flow of life we are accustomed to deal with children with cancer. But let's go back before the beginning of the story.

"There was continuous music in the house. 45'likler, all plaques ... Harçlıklarımı always yatırırdım albums. World keeps track lists, listen to find them. I started the year the University opened a private radio stations. Radyoculuğa began in 1993. All my life was the songs, "said Erdem Cerrahpaşa'da school after graduating began working as a psychologist. But there do not give up the point of their profession brought him: "I loved my job, but the emotional tone of my work was very high. I worked with children with cancer, the most intense period of my life spiritually. Prof. Sir. Dr. Pearl Star sent me to the United States. Play therapy training I received in Houston. Support of Children with Cancer Foundation have made very good work. But I had lost so many children that ... Because of the sorrow of my heart that I live at the end of the year four more losses to cope and I felt I left the job. "


Studies on the healing effect of sound around the world, explaining Virtue, "the authority and the works of Turkish music in the treatment there. This is not my argument, I'm DJ, I choose good songs. At the same time according to the psychologist that I wanted to bring the pieces together to express a beautiful sentiment, "he says.

Diana Ross'tan album Cher, Elton John Dalida'ya, even many well-known name is Amy Winehouse'a most popular songs. Erdem, "Why us Improve this song?" Call, he responds: "People like to be the common feelings of the songs. For this reason, you feel at that moment to heal your soul to listen to songs for the benefit of feeling there. The pain of love when he eğlenemezsiniz trilay lay lom. Songs about the emotional state of any kind of life I've chosen songs. For example Dalida'nın the pain of love songs is good. Psycho dynamic theory of music according to one man more relaxed tempo. But the Istanbul traffic, everyone calm songs, listen to classical music, I suggest, for example. "

Crow voice too!

According to Erdem great impact on psychology training to take his well-being a DJ: "DJ'likte need to solve the reaction of the crowd. I think the crowd well achieved. "

Erdem's understanding of today there are serious criticisms: "In the past, even naked rip-roaring voice had beautiful voices. Singers as they'd be worth. Sezen Aksu, Ajda Pekkan's first album, so it still is playing. But that began to disappear. Even the color of the speaker's voice mattered not to consider it a very bad singer. Like the sound of many crows. "

So what parties Erdem lives? Here's the answer: "Everyone came to dance with you 'Antep Hamamları'nı Play' said Serdar Ortaç isteyebiliyorlar happening in the middle of the night, or a Spaniard. I am a night of fun playing Serdar Ortaç geçirilebileceğini people showed. "

Your child's played music aşağılamayın

Erdem CENK continues to work on psychology. Association for Adolescent Health is a member of Thompson, last year, a congress made a presentation about the link between the preferences of young people's personalities. Now we are preparing an article on this subject for the Turkish Archive of Pediatrics: "Young people live in the sense of belonging, and using music to talk. Humiliations of the families or the child listens to her music is not right to intervene. "

Thompson, in discussions about the Apaches: "This is a sub-culture. Many of these young people's future cases şekillendiremeyecek. Music to listen to stare her hair better bulaşmalarından other harmful habits. These children are affected and the gang set up a strange arrays bıçaklayacaklarına listen to music and dancing in each other, "he says.

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