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Monday, January 10, 2011

Istanbul's 'sweet' lot Mecidiyekoy

The walls of the city with a gloomy air büründüren gray highway or sugar, such as folktales kaplansa ... 28-year-old designer Joy Stars, 7 Sugar Project and the city of Istanbul to color stable. Even the lower walls of the already tatlandı Mecidiyekoy E5 highway viaduct

Sugar-coat the walls built by the children, but these days it feels like a dream kind of way to Istanbul Mecidiyeköy fallers face just such a fun scene. E5 highway viaduct lower walls of the red and white patterns really candy! 28-year-old designer Joy Star, was on his way to Istanbul in order to add aesthetic Project, Istanbul, Istanbul Sugar sugar giydiriyor 7. Marmara University Faculty of Communication Department of Advertising Star, since 1990, doing painting. Now, as well as the profession of visual communication design, concept design and is designing furniture as functional art.

"Daily life in the city's image so that we can not rush," said Stars in the story of the emergence of the project explains: "Signs, apartment, how to sabotage the billboard at the center of Istanbul. 7 Sugar Project in Istanbul because of the sensitivity emerged. Confusion should see something beautiful I think living in Istanbul. Therefore, two and a half million people each day passes I wanted to design something Mecidiyeköy. "


Stars of the project for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Noah Group, says that working in partnership with the Sisli Municipality. Project designer who tells everyone very surprised, "How so? Kaplayacaksın Istanbul, sugar? "Often faced with questions such as:" a pretty ugly view of beauty and life of the people to ensure that returns are positive. Already trying to get color in all the places so I can contribute to the city's aesthetics. At this time we started Mecidiyekoy, sugar gradually occupied the whole of Istanbul. In addition, the name of the project is built on seven hills seven of sugar in the world Istanbul because of the other cities of Rio de Janeiro and Rome aim to cover the sugar. "

So why design of 7 and why sugar? According to Yildiz sugar 'means life ":" and do not have access, as well as being a disappointment in life, and sensitivity, characteristics of the people. But these features also have sugar. I chose the red and white colors of the red blood cells and white blood cells, because the source of the inspiration of life. World number seven, Turkey, Istanbul, music, time, the sky and the colors are expressed. Turkey seven regions, seven hills of Istanbul, when the seven days, music, seven notes, seven colors of the rainbow, the sky is the seven layer. All of them together and brought out 7 Sugar Project in Istanbul. "

These are my daughter to eat?

SUGAR E5 highway viaduct design Mecidiyekoy two weeks trying to lower the walls begins to fill the Star indicates the beginning of the most interesting event passes through Joy explains: "People are constantly asking me to come and what I did. One day an uncle 'What are you doing? "He said, and I told the project' Girl, they are eaten?" He responded to me. Very surprised. "Paint the walls with a special saying kaplandığını Stars" So erimiyor sugar walls, kırılmıyor and unaffected by rain, "he says.

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