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Monday, January 10, 2011

Come here, prepare for the design of market

'designer brand, but do not say "DO! Concept holds the path. Professionals are given the chance to sell products to designers boutique opens the door to everyone alaylısına

Last year, no doubt one of the most popular professions designer ... Whether you want a professional ironically, many people in this profession is trying to create its own brand discarded thrown. But I make this job a long time who do not have yet have their own brand. At this point, an urban renewal project, Tomtom Fun Aid, design concept, DO! Concept Boutique offers an opportunity to talented young people. About two months ago began serving in Beyoglu boutique doors open to everyone. DO! "Or to the designers here have the opportunity to sell their products are prepared. Untested in different designs that come together in the name of the Sea Reapers. Currently studying at Istanbul Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Textile Design and the opportunity to work so far captures many famous modacıyla Reaper "are showing the way young talents. Professionalism of the designers do not call us. Ironically that may be interested in this job at one of the students. It is important to give the design of mind. But the need to skip a little detail. Only in special designs give. No interest in this work to be done something just because he brought elindekini us do not accept the design, "he says.

Boutique have product for everyone's tastes and budget. Reapers them very soon, bags, shoes and accessories also be added to facilitate daily life, he says.

Fashionable Philological

DO! Hassan is one of the young designers Concept Boutique'te husband. Although 21-year-old has scored many successful projects. Read by the Painting Department of Fine Arts High School in the Big three solo exhibitions, received honors in various competitions. Then curiosity got complicated fashion. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2008 and also won parts of the Marmara University, Textiles and Fashion Design. He chose the second one and still the third-year student at this school. Alba has also worked with such famous fashion designers and Erol Umit Unal. The husband of a collection of boutique that bears his name, on the design of the following explains: "In all my clothes and comfort in the forefront of aesthetic feelings hosts. Design my enchant you when you wear. "

French Language and Literature at the fashion towards a reading in Ankara and the Academy Station is another designer who graduated from the National Symbol is a young talent who set up his own studio. National, one-size-only product and running. Preparing more avant-garde clothing designer, "I saw the street, and that impressed me above all reflected koleksiyonlarıma" he said.

Bag handle necklace

24-year-old Melissa Uslu alaylılarından the design. Uslu working in public relations after graduating from the Faculty of Communication, began designing jewelry in their spare time while at home. Uslu jewelry designs using his way to work at the sight of his circle sought by the agency resigned at a time trying to darken the eye. Then, the brand that bears his name by Uslu, usually trying to haute couture. On the recommendation of a friend who met with Sea Reapers Uslu DO now! boutique design exhibits. Uslu's most demanding designs prepared by the bag handles and bottle covers necklaces.

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