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Monday, January 10, 2011

Turkey will not be a bird!

Prof., Hacettepe University Faculty Member. Dr. Ilhami Kiziroğlu,''now in Turkey, the bird species breeding and winter visitor number 435 Roughly 70 percent of them as a threatened species. Turkey is a very great threat of extinction 95, 101 bird species are threatened with extinction there,''he said.
Kiziroğlu, said the bird scientists to do research in Turkey began in 1945, before that date if a large number of foreign researchers working in Turkey, he said. 502 bird species have been detected in Turkey, stated that the finding of a large number of them 437'sinin Kiziroğlu Turkey, said:

In''The remaining 65 bird species seen during certain periods one or two times. They are common in Turkey and görülmüyorlar üremiyorlar. Yılanboyun 437 bird species became extinct in Turkey, with the bald ibis. Breeding and winter bird species in Turkey are now visitor number 435 Roughly 70 percent of them as a threatened species. Turkey is a very great threat of extinction 95, 101 bird species are threatened with extinction there. Turkey's bird populations by 50 percent in the last 20 years, or even on the basis of some species decreased by 75 percent.''

Turkey maintains the water and wetlands around the life of birds breeding species is under threat largely Kiziroğlu striking, yılanboyun's a kind of bird is hatched, but around Lake Amik Amik Lake in the 1960s after the dehydration of this species in that area been encountered told. Kiziroğlu,''Turkey is now sold out for that kind. Seen in the most recent in 1963. Since then he has not got any information about species,''he said.

3 bald ibis in 1988 and migrated to the latest Birecik indicating that the individual has been identified Kiziroğlu, said:

None of this did not come back''kelaynaklardan, 3 died. No natural population of bald ibis in Turkey since 1988. However, in a cage Birecik bald ibis is produced by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. However, they are domesticated animals, nature, the salsa is not no good, is not possible to establish the natural population. Natural population of a species can create a need to have a certain population. He had opportunities to make something like that released individuals, tavuklaşmışlar, migration can not, can not adapt to nature, they lost the chance of sustaining the lives of individuals under natural conditions.''

-''White-headed bird barracks LAKE BURDUR ALTINDA''-THREAT

Kiziroğlu, continuous shot, the water is polluted, Burdur Lake is declining and the barracks in the white-headed bird is under threat, he said. 1 of 7 describing the population of Europe in Burdur Lake kışladığını Dikkuyruğun Kiziroğlu, dikkuyrukların kışlayıp Burdur Lake in February came in November, Van Lake, in various parts of Anatolia, such as Sultan and Manyas Bird Paradise ürediklerini said.

Kiziroğlu,''This type of waste for breeding grounds, but because of the Burdur Lake kışladıkları are under great threat. Due to industrial facilities and waste left in the Burdur Lake ecosystem has changed completely. Also dikkuyruklar Airport in Isparta, Burdur Lake and at night they come göçerek was close. Isparta Airport night flights should not be in the period between the months of November to February. Because these animals active at night. For that reason, constitute the greatest threat to the aircraft, entering''he said threatened the continuation of generations.

Turkey is an important part of the extinct species of bird of prey is under threat of extinction kiziroğlu striking, said:

One of the''threatened şahkartal predators. White-headed eagle symbol of the American Sports Club. Lightning gentleman under the threat of extinction şahkartal Beşiktaş American kartalını replace it with. We do not have the white-headed eagle, we have şahkartal, I use you as an icon, to run out already. Air Force Command, the white-headed Ameriken kartalıydı icon, it changed. All correspondence had it, now we have şahkartal. Şahkartal all regions, but the population declined.''

The spread of the production of nature by the Ministry of Environment and Forests under threat is the generation of pheasant in a natural population expressed the Kiziroğlu, some bird species are threatened with extinction or were listed as follows:

Saz''Roosters, mezgeldek, collar bustard, karakanat Pratincole, step Lapwing, great snipe, snipe incegaga caravan, pink-billed gull, Dalmatian Pelican, akalınlı little clumsily excavation, red dewlap, summer duck, Akgöz, kızılayak born Roosters Uludoğan and Caucasian.''

Kiziroğlu,''the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Environment Agency special projects without the generation of some bird species are under threat in recent years tükenecekti. The population of the Red River delta, reed cock sıfırlıyordu, is now gradually rehabilitated himself. Wetlands are able to stay in the lives of dried bird species vazgeçilirse''he said.

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