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Monday, January 10, 2011

Additional account interest rates, credit card interest rate 2 times

2.26 percent of the monthly credit card interest rates ', or to fall despite the banks' interest rates to 5 per cent addition to the upcoming rate applied to the account said.
Federation of Consumer Associations (TUDEF) President Sitki Yilmaz, said that 26 of the Law on Bank Cards and Credit Cards According to quarterly re-arranges the Central Bank said that the interest on your credit card.

Last edit the monthly interest on the credit card to enter into force in January 2011 of 2.44 percent from 2.26, or withdrawal from the Friends of expression, this decline in credit card interest rates despite relatively high interest rates of banks said that the additional account.

Close to 5 per cent additional interest rate applied to the account of banks expressed the Friends, said:

''That is nearly 2 times the rate of interest applied to your credit card interest rates. A few years ago, credit card interest rate is 6 percent over the period and an additional interest rate applied to the account appears to be very low çekmiyordu attention. After the entry into force of the Law on Bank Cards and Credit Card credit card interest rates of the Central Bank has passed inspection. Process, we came down the interest rates are determined every three months, were taken. Interest rates on consumer loans, indicating less than 1 percent of the ads showing attractive, interest is applied to account for an additional year to reach 60 per cent is unacceptable.''


Yilmaz, U.S. and Germany for such high interest rates and high penalties for unfair practices was not specified, under the name of the consumer''in Turkey, openly exploited the free market practice. Millions of consumers to be victims, provide unfair advantage over them 'stop' wish you were''he said.

Banks' consumer credit kullandırırken, imzalattırdıkları Retail Banking Services Agreement or under the provision of salaries and wages drop or automatically, depending on the instructions in the additional accounts under various names and highlight the consequences of the consumer's enough bilgilendirilmediğini Yilmaz, said:

If the use of consumer credit by banks,''he offered a payment plan. Adhering to the payments to be made regularly to this plan, and one for defaulted düşülmemesi KMH (credit deposit account), the 'plus or Missing Money Account' under names such as opening additional accounts are said to be for the benefit of consumers. Additional benefits of the account describing the bank officials, the height of the consumer to keep the interest received from the account. Consumer credit kullandırılırken imzalattırılan 'Personal Banking Service Agreement, according to the names of banks in addition to the changing condition of the account are also included. This supplement is very high compared to credit the account used by interest. Some banks also an additional contract because of this condition imzalatmalarına this happened even though the consumer has enough information.''


Sitki Yilmaz, the addition of this high interest account due to resort to the judiciary by specifying the path, said:

''The country's economic indicators, inflation rate and gradually drawn down from the high interest rates, despite the additional fahiştir account. This is going to continue to do so if the existing structure in our country can not protect the consumer, banks and financial sector in the face of anxiety will increase and as TUDEF reduce consumers' financial burdens, unfair and unlawful practices of an independent Advisory Board, the need to protect our request there will be justification.''

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