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Monday, January 10, 2011

Buy Children's bomb the news

Children of explosives, this time without a goal in front of a huge disaster has passed. River at the edge while collecting scrap bombs elders who warned of children, prevented the possible loss of life

Children Get the news' word in front of a disaster of this time has passed. Peasant women washed the dishes and laundry in the stream at the edge of water they saw the children that collect scrap grenades news vermesiyle elders to live in the deaths occur in an explosion was prevented. 6 units from the teams to the scene full of unexploded hand grenade was removed from the water.


Through the creek at the edge of the village of Dönentaş Diltop Tutak'a pain due to children collecting scrap grenade found in the water. Families with children who are the event, the gendarmerie and the police were aware of the situation. Patrol teams depending on the Commander of the Gendarmerie Erdal Village, a large-scale security measures around the scene was going. Tutak District Gendarmerie Command Patrol teams to reinforce the other officials came to the region.

Women were washing

The bomb disposal expert teams to the scene, started working the creek. Bomb bomb disposal team is looking for oars through the water pulled out of 6 grenades. Issued by the bombs will be delivered for examination to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Tutak said. In the meantime, the village where most of the time dividing Diltop Creek peasant women washed clothes and dishes, animals, drinking water, indicating a possible express a disaster was averted.

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