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Monday, January 10, 2011

The State will receive 6,560 new officers

Teacher and career outside of professional staff officers this year are the first official assignments. In December, according to the KPSS'ye 6 thousand 560 civil servants will be the first time. Candidates will be chosen on January 24 to February 2

• Public institutions and organizations, in December, the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS), according to the new officers will take 6 thousand 560. Teachers with a career outside of professional officers and staff officer positions in this year's first assignments will be held next month. In this way, the central placement of public institutions and organizations about to be sent to the State Personnel Presidency of 6 thousand 560 personnel and position afforded for the purchase of a new officer. KPSS'ye officer candidates participated, the staff and between January 24 to February 2 for the positions OSYM Presidency '' choice of address will do.

THOUSAND 557'Sİ ministries will be assigned

KPSS'ye for the first time in December of 2010 according to the staff of public institutions and organizations will be a thousand 557'si ministries, undersecretary of thousand 693'ü ministries and general directorates, 431'i başkanlıklarda, 853'ü universities, local governments and the task at 932'si will do. The placement of the Ministry of Health 541, 380 Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Transport 236, 140 new officers will take the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. • AA


529'u new high school officials, 1,698 's 2-year colleges, 4,333 quarters to be selected from among 4-year college graduates. This year will be the first official reception, 95 staff and position assignment. 1,273 new civil servants' ü engineers, data processing manager 865'i, 428 nurses, 331 computer operator, 240 technicians, 187 officers will be maintained.

Occupations to be taken by civil servants

Job Number

Hatch officer 101

Search and rescue technician, 98

Lawyer 88

Ticket inspector 10

331 Computer operator

Child gelişimcisi 20

Lawsuit officer 18

29 Dietician

Midwife 60

161 Information officers

98 Physiotherapist

Map engineer 24

Nurse 428

Employee 40

Chief Executive Officer 35

Civil engineer, 57

Job Number

Officer 893

Architect 119

42 inspection officers

Conservation officers 187

Engineer 1123

Psychologist 169

Health Officer 23

Health technicians 45

The central dispatcher 34

Social worker 180

City planner 31

Driver 96

Technician 240

Technician 159

Data ready. count manager 865

103 Foreign government officers

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