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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dollar flight has passed

Istanbul free market, climbed on top of U.S. $ 1.5900 lira.

Completed the closing of $ 1.5710 on Friday, the lira in the morning, 1.5800 pounds during the week began. Lunch hours, the rising dollar, 1.5890 pounds taken as of 15.00 hours, 1.5930 pounds satılıdı level. Dollars in June of 2010, the latest operation had seen water levels.

Istanbul free market, the closing hours of the retail price of U.S. $ 1.5860 pounds, euros sales price rose to 2.0460 pounds.

Bazaar at the market close of $ 1.5860 from 1.5850 lira lira, lira 2.0460 euros from 2.0450 pounds sold.

U.S. $ 1.5800 the day before the close of a free market lira lira 1.5710, 2.0370 pounds of the euro was 2.0380 pounds.

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