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Monday, January 10, 2011

Valendi smiling

I'm watching the BBC news bulletin last night. The second is from Istanbul. Ten-year-old boy in Kadikoy şipşirin last and only student of the Greek Primary School. Husband alone walking around the building. Ring Ring comes running upstairs classroom, listen to teachers lecture. Land on the board, "Istanbul is a city of" writing. The rows are empty.
George Bey, the teacher without pay to make an executive at the British reporter, "Our school was founded in the nineteenth century," he says. "Childhood was a student here. Had six classrooms. They all were full. Valendi was now alone. He graduated from the school will be closed when I suppose."
The reporter asks questions in his tercümanlığıyla Valendi'ye. Evanescence proper answer oğlancık:
"Here, everything is there, but not my friend. Öğretmenimle ball play during breaks.
I wish I could, even if other children ... "
Own schools, their friends in front of my coming: Viro, Kazer, Jozef, Salahattin ... Greek, Armenian, Jewish, they are not Kurdish. Gülüşüp itişerek şakalaştığım children. Environment is lively.
Mr George recalled öyleymiş school garden. But now a small smile on the Valendi repeats: "Although my friend ..."
I hold myself unworthy şartlanmasıyla sulugözlülük man.


Implement the conditions of their minds are not conditioned to question the reasons for the children of adults araştırabiliyorlar. Pattadak the morning my son a question of your own:
"Dad, do not be the only state in the world?"
"Why do you ask?"
"There are limits on weapons that the money goes. The war when people are dying.
One of the state kurulsa, so yapmasalar ... "
Trend is exactly the opposite direction, telling the newly drawn boundaries. His mind does not lie. Repeats his belief that a single state to setup.
"Here, look at the newspapers today. Sudan is divided. Tomorrow will be a new state called South Sudan. The number of countries approached the two-to-face."
"It is divided into why?"
"Northern Muslim, the south Christian. Geçinemiyorlar."
In recent years, with the declaration of independence from Yugoslavia by telling sprung degradation, Kosovo, the Caucasus, I am talking about. Cyprus could say the same thing.
"I always geçinemiyor Muslims and Christians called?"
Discord in the essential difference to the people that try to explain religion. The most striking example of us giving your own.
"Look, I'll bring home two citizens. Someone Turks, I say the other is of Kurdish origin. Both the same type. Both of them are Muslim. Both of them speaks Turkish. Which one do not know what it is. But there are those who want to come to the larynx throat."
"Why be a father?"
The boy's astonishment that so real and logical, this time I hold myself to laugh laugh.

Of course, coming of age for children to confront painful realities of their minds by explaining all the features of the creature called the human need to bulandırmamak. Or are you answering that question the instincts of our species, especially among men-there is no reason that the enemy to obtain and prone to attack, those who provide out tensions kızıştırdıklarını told a downright fights.
George came to live in another country these days, he shook the extended hand of friendship, he said nice things. But I can not say his country-hawks-şahinliğe aspired many roosters. In remarks to welcome them to look above us attıracak yumurtladı George.
He also was a shame, we only have extended a hand of friendship? Guest hosting the jetlerimiz flying hours over the Greek islands.
Let children and jet homurtusunu bastıracağı yaygarası cıvıltısının cock when the next day?

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