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Monday, January 10, 2011

Conservatives critical exam!

Question the net ... Question naked ... Sanctity is not included in the field in time may seem obvious why the personalities and politics, especially through the kutsallaştırılır?
Why such a way by the look in sapılır?
Or let's ask the following: historical personalities and memories of what and who can make the business benefits untouchable?


To understand this, do not need to go further back. Recent history gives us important clues ...
Dokunulmazlaştıran Lenin, Lenin superhuman glorifying manner (so that the problem of socialism, a cult-per-Leninism he sardıran) Stalin'di of course.
And this is a follower of Lenin's claim to embody the most rigorous and had to justify their own power.

Kemalism, the actual period of the National Chief political invention.
Indeed, a republican regime, "chief" in order to be both conducting and dokunulmazlaştırmak should institutionalize.
In this respect, Ismet Inonu had followed a path similar to many of Stalin.
Has issued an official ideology that: Kemalism.
Kutsallaştırıldıkça Ataturk, Inonu her best weapon and litigation friend "in the dokunulmazlaşıyordu!


In brief ...
History and historical personalities, politicians do not holly yüceltip sincerity is almost negligible.
On the contrary, this effort is stored behind the current power struggle.
Well then let's ask a more open: Is there a definition of the Ottoman sultans dokunulmazlaştırılmasının çıkarılırcasına the state of holiness?
Especially these shimmering soap bubble, and the historical "Great Century" series shown exaggerated responses is about what?


No! These reactions resemble the above-given examples, today's neo-Ottomanism policies to promote the historical and political premises that search effort do not even want to think about!
Would be ridiculous to have such a!
Ultimately, the political metaphor is a thing called the Neo-Ottomanism! Political vision of an empire and the cultural richness of olunase sending fan!
Imperial intrigues and personalities that have to do the sultan! Should not be!


History, for conservatives always a critical examination.
But it is clear that the ...
Conservative, with holy people.
And precisely for that reason, not to disrespect the basis for what is sacred kutsallaştırmaktan refrain from the front of everything.
Conservative, what keeps? Values!
So he knows the value. But the value and give value to know, is not to create Untouchables.


Narrow and confrontational conservative politics today is stuck in patterns.
Confusing, and what it all together "will be maintained," the point of becoming cliches, delivered!
Bulent Arinc said the other day reading about the series ...
I understand that ...
Turkey turning conservative thought and politics from the beginning "course" to work, to refresh your knowledge and opinions!

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