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Monday, January 10, 2011

Pickpocket caught in the police 'I thought your Pocket,' said

They found several excuses to liberate themselves from criminal suspects in Adana incidents, anecdotes aratmıyor. Here are examples of events that police officers engraved memories: deserter prison in Adana, Mustafa A., M. Sera while fleeing from the police to a house belonging to the input. Bath, home owner's bride Nilgun Z. 't pulled out by threatening and began to undress himself. Those at home to tell the police if something in the suspect threatened to do harm to them, began to shower. In the meantime, Nilgun Z. 'against teams who came into the bathroom on the Notification of Mustafa A. "My brother in the shower that are bothering you. I'm sitting in this house says" also could not escape being caught. 4 people who are doing heroin in a park neighborhood Alidede bargaining teams, 2 of them at the scene to capture the other two suspects began to flee. After a while, that determines the two teams entered the suspect's room in a mosque by breaking the door went inside. Two suspects who teams side by side with the same toilet seat, "nor to escape Big Brother.'re Here to resolve our need. Both years, we could not get themselves to laugh when you receive the answer to''use the same toilet. Bazaar police teams working at the center, yankesicilik and recidivist theft suspect boarded a bus to a citizen's pocket purse caught red-handed playing. the accused, "Pocket, I thought my own money,''he çıkartacaktım laughter drowned the police operation to free himself. The old man's motorcycle parked in front of analytics State Hospital to a person approaching him, "Uncle, bike parking here,''he warned the players. The old man" who mixed my bike. And how will perform in''deyince "Look,''saying such players running away from the vehicle. Caught in the" warned "he said.

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