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Monday, January 10, 2011

Reverse into a corner to lie

CMK change the entry into force of the storm broke around a judicial officer in the media. Years ago, the reforms would be fully reporting public instead of speed, won the polarization uyarılacaktı previously. Now, the little self-criticism

Journalism is one of the most difficult areas of the judiciary and the law. On one side of the media "people foreign to this issue, bored," there is his obsession, on the other side of the country marked the years of "the rule of law" deficiencies. On the one hand the life-ending trials but have reached 30 years, have confiscated freedoms, while on the other side of this issue as one of the leading icons of the Prime Minister and ministers hanged as a result of fraudulent cases, the current Prime Minister, read poetry, even the fact that he lies in prison.
The case of the practice for years, this corner SABAH gazeteciliğimizin chronic, trying to shed light on deep-rooted problems, the reform steps of the parliament last without prejudice and ideological deviations, a journalism profession in the spirit of opposition to the power of pros and cons of civil society so that the news be true, and emphasize the importance of transferring information.
Because beğenilsin rating, reform and change processes "joke" did not. Journalists need to do, a shout and call the blind side of the camp is not partizanlaşmak, phenomena and processes to take strict follow-up. Need not necessarily be a party, whether through their most basic democratic norms, rights and freedom over the party was to be measures of compliance criteria.
Incorrect or incomplete journalism hits the wall. Because the facts are stubborn a habit, such as a day out have encountered. Mental decay, non-governmental interests and pursue the mission takılınırsa journalism, newspaper journalism is the main material, such as last week's forgotten savrulmalar more experienced.
Upon entry into force of amendments in some articles of CMK'nun dramatic changes in the judicial enforcement system, so to speak fully experienced at Christmas called "five minutes" so it appeared. Most of the years-long and fitted with high-judicial detention of an illegal organization, and the murder trials of persons remained to be evacuated, but also changes in the Supreme Court Procedure Code, "detention period may be extended up to 10 years," he cried out in surprise rose from the media to interpret.
Normal. Because the three years in the pages of "prisoners of Silivri," the production of a myth mealinde take the rest of the law ignores some of the problems of the so-called "media center", the Ergenekon detainees-to-right or wrong "must remain free" campaign, while the eviction and killing of the Hezbollah organization members fugitive suspects about "how are they released" was broadcasting.
Thus, growing problem for years-long double-standard vocational medyamızda decipher the execution was once again, the readers, such as a slap in the face of an unfair hit.
Related changes to the law in parliament in late 2004 oylanırken opposition, the bar associations in professional organizations such as the task done. But the real side of what interests us, the media which had lasted since 2004, CMK and judicial reform processes and the non-forward-step and the braking points, largely bypassing the public on behalf of the independent observer and the stimulus ıskalamasıydı function. Substances were pregnant problems, such as Hezbollah, despite the significant court cases are still not over ten years have passed, but the society had not been informed of them.
There are those who realize that. Two-three colleague honestly "jumped," he confessed. But the rest, the ones most responsible position, not oral. Medyamızda very common "yesterday dündür, Today, today," continues where it left off approach.
Instead of caring for a tree forest journalist in Turkey today.
According to a sector, if the waste is removed from the law, cases such as Ergenekon, and Sledgehammer will come to salvation. The intent of the profession and how to persist in certain zehirlendiğinin kanıtı.Oysa table:
The process of change in Turkey, the judiciary remained static tolerate the amount of work, a "slavery mentality," "drivers license" and a qualified staff clearly demonstrates the issue alive.
Not cause dramatic problems arising left and right, the result.
In short, CMK event for the whole of politics "in the interests of business in society" while warning, honest journalism as a "clarion call" stop.

To declare guilty "
Kesinleşmedikçe judicial decision, a defendant should not be declared guilty. Assessments, such as news and comments should be made suçluymuş. "
The majority of journalists in this country under the "find the right," he said signed by such Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities.
But hardly anyone cares about it.
Trial by media, political meşrebe extreme.
According to Rapidshare, for example, and Sledgehammer Ergenekon defendants "innocent."
Rapidshare, according to Hezbollah, PKK and KCK organization, such as trial defendants "guilty."
CMK last week looking for an example of the discharge in accordance with a look at news atsınlar.
So that is a journalistic, as if a thousand people in prisons and an amnesty was declared a "convicted killer swarm" the streets empty.
Yet all of these people, the high judiciary cases finalized yet, according to CMK were released. That is still "the defendant" s.
Well, medyamızda selectively used "the presumption of innocence," What Have you followed? What travels.
So, I wonder MORNING riayetkâr rule that I highlighted is that?
According to a survey a large extent, yes. The only exception is dated January 5 Hizbullahçılar titled Between us there now.
Interior page of the news spotunda "Konca Kuriş and Mehmet Sincar'ın murderers" denmiş. This "bias" that contains a qualification.
Careful, thoughtful journalism makes a difference, continue ...

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