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Monday, January 10, 2011

Spoke about the film banned after 40 years

Film and stage actor Salim South, the grounds of anti-Ataturk in Turkey so far shown no''You Can not Win 'Em All''(mercenary soldiers) said that the film should be shown in Turkey.
South, said in a statement to reporters, shot in 1970 and starring Tony Curtis, Charles Branson, the famous actors such as the role of the names of himself and Rebecca H's''You Can not Win 'Em All,''said the film was not anti-Ataturk.

Mercenaries''translated as''the first time in Turkish and a foreign actor in the film's images of Ataturk, played by film critic Ali Murat Güven stated that the South, the film's images of some parts of the TRT for the first time talked about running.

Approximate cost of $ 33 million film, shot by a Turkish officer, Captain Anwar stating that bolsters the South, said:

''This film was banned because of the whims of some people. Offer of an interview to a newspaper, then films çevirmesinin Charles Branson'un campaign against him. Accused him of treason us. Even when my daughter 'traitor was the daughter of' he did notice. With the job, a person working in the film, it became intense propaganda.''

Ataturk's defended the film is not anti-South,''the movie, filmed in places such as Ephesus and Istanbul's historic sites. Turkey accomplished a great ad. Ben and Rebecca H, Ottoman subaylarıydık. A role in this. We were declared traitors,''he said.

Turkey wants to run all of the film expressed the South, said:

In this film, such as''Tony Curtis and Charles Bronson star players playing period. Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie movie out from running something like Turkey. At that time, because of the smear campaign yayınlanamadı. There is nothing in the film anti-Ataturk. Chief of Staff even helped the film. So I want to run, albeit late.''


British-made war, adventure film directed by Peter Collinson. Leo Gordon, who wrote the script of the film's subject, going through Turkey during the War of Independence.

Hollywood's major film roles, as well as two famous French actor Tony Curtis and Charles Bronson'un shares Michele Mercier. The film also starring Rebecca H and Salih Güney Erol Keskin among other Turkish players, Gözen Yuksel, Bulent Gultekin, Mumtaz Alpaslan, Suna Keskin, and Kayhan Yıldızoğlu are also available.

Ataturk's role in the film, played by Patrick Magee. Shooting the film entirely performed in Turkey,''Josh''and''man''in order to sell weapons to Anatolia named the two soldiers of fortune come next, then the Turks to join the War of Independence, described the relationship between paramilitary forces and the National Forces.

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