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Monday, January 10, 2011

3 movie released this week comes

Two local theaters this week, one of the film will meet with foreign 3.
And science, science is directed by Mehmet Aga Tanrisever Vineyard, Tariq Tanrısever, Engin Yüksel Mesut Çakarlı'nın played''Free Man: Said Nursi''film, dramatic narrative, biography is remarkable.

In the film, Said Nursi's life, struggle,''Ekmeksiz live, not live hürriyetsiz Based on''promise of this program.

Said Nursi, Said''''old,''New''and''Third Said Said, known as''the period described in three films, started to struggle for years, Said Nursi, sent in exile to a small town in Isparta Barla ' sections spread all over the world starting with the works is challenging journey. To date, which is the subject of many scientific and literary work''Bediüzzaman''ın life, and to be curious about many aspect of the film is dark.

H Algül'ün directed and Ata Demirer Demet Akbay, Özge Borak Şakrak played with Salih Kalyon Eyyvah Alas''2''movie, comedy scenes appear before moviegoers.

Klarnet color it adds to the film's subject is as follows:

His father, Ali Riza Seker Hussein''to find a single thing had to be tackled now. He Müjgan'a Geyikli'deki love with a nurse to reach and win the heart of Firuzan'ın Müjgan'ın give the ring as a gift.''

Miki Manojlovic and directed by Danis Tanovic'in Boris Ler,''starring Mira Furlan Stupljanin'in Fine Jelena and dreaming of a Life''film, tells the story of a tragic story.

The subject of the film is as follows:

The end of the war in the Balkans,''a new and Herzegovina is a small village in the south, after years of communist regime has to deal with a new democratic government. Buntic Divko remaining in exile for years, do not come with it in exile returns to his hometown to avenge his family. Besides new and younger wife, a black cat, a big Mercedes and has a ton of money. Although it seems that everything is solved, especially after the money gets into the hands of the ropes of life. War is based on the door, his life is turned upside down and tries to defeat fate Divko a final attack.''

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