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Monday, January 10, 2011

Gala protest

Free Man''film about the life of Said Nursi's premiere of''protest area. The''Free Man''about the life of Bediuzzaman premiere of the film, TIM Maslak Show Center protestors in the hall during the performing gala security forces intervened.


Representation before the premiere of the film about the life and personality bilgiverilerek Said Nursi, the transferred during his life fighting ignorance. Said Nursi science, science is portrayed in the film lead actor Aga Vineyard, portraying the role of the first times, forced, he said, but over time alıştığını. A meticulous study indicating shots sonuçlandırdıklarını Vineyard, filminbeğenilmesini heartfelt desire, he said.

The film Ahmet Cetin, Jack Warner and Jack Tanrisever written, directed by Jack Tanrisever his''Free Man''movie, the tie, as well as Tariq Tanrısever, Engin Yüksel Mesut bar graph, Bulent Polat, Halil Ibrahim and Ismail Hakki Kalaycioglu As the players take the role. The film telling the life of signs leading to faith days,''Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, dubbed''the struggle of life,''Ekmeksiz live, not live hürriyetsiz Based on''tells the promise. Dramatic biography prepared by the film, Said Nursi, Said-old Said, known as the New Said and three third-period is told. The film begins the struggle years, Said Nursi, a tiny town was sent in exile from the Isparta Barla'dan works all around the globe is challenging journey sections. To date, many of the scientific and literary çalışmayakonu Bediuzzaman life, and to be curious about many aspect of the film is dark. Movie will be released in Turkey on January 7, 13 January, also in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Britain and Denmark will meet with the audience.


In the meantime, before the premiere TIM Maslak Show Center gathered in front of a group of National Party members, protested against the film. Demonstrators with Turkish flags in their hands, and led a variety of banners, broke up after a while. During the Gala in the living room with a woman wanted to open a Turkish flag next to the person. Two protesters were removed out of the intervention of security forces.

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