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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Show on the TV program begins when Serena Serengil'in?

Serena said to cancel the program on the TV reality show Medyafaresi'nde Serengil'in!

Would you marry with Serengil Serenity "on the TV show starts on January 17, 2011.

Medyafaresi, Serena Serengil'in explains the details of the new program.

Serena Serengil make known a new marriage programs.


Far as the format will focus mahallevari attitude. Family concept, the reasons for ending marriages, spouses should be careful what you choose, the program will be based on issues such as selection of an ideal wife. But it must never be given the opportunity for people who want to marry koşulmayacak.

Serena Serengil, Married to the classic one of the programs are carefully olmayacaklarını says.

Serena Serengil MEDYAFARESİ'ne speaking, "these programs first time I did it. Now I'll do my format, long term impact of marriages, the spouses of each other's expectations will be subject to a program of the marriage .. is not the name of our program, we will not be the same quality of work in yapılanlarla" he said.

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