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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The news page of information, driver's license exam results here on December 18 (Exams)

When driver's license examination results will be announced on December 18? Applicants for driver's license exam results doing the countdown on December 18.

Driver candidates, wants to açıklansın December 18 driver's license exam results. All candidates are planning to take courses through the driver's license, then the steering will enter the exam to enter the course.


Licenses of the two candidates for the exam in the last driver to wait for an arduous process to get the safety offices.

Exam Results were announced on this page can be found sonucunuza inquiry button.

More than a license fee money!

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Adana deputy Yılmaz Tankut, money due to high fees have successfully completed the course, although candidates' eligibility could not drive reported.

Tankut, Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek to answer the written request of the resolution of the question, "In our country, millions of people, both because of special need, and especially in order to find a job to be filled with cars, buses, trucks and construction equipment must have a license to use such tools. However, money and higher fees due to the tens of thousands of citizens today, although the driver and right to pass license exam kurslarındaki do not get into classes, "he said.

Driving license license manual konulanlar SÜDGE education could be brought

Diseases Branch of the Provincial Health Directorate of Kars by the Mental Health and Social Development of Driver Behavior Training (SÜDGE) will be held. Due to the use of alcoholic car drivers to drive documentation confiscated Applications for participation mandatory SÜDGE program began.

Health Director Dr. Kars. Honorary Joy, drivers licenses from the Directorate of Security, the documentation of the relevant unit within 12 months from the date confiscated müracaatlarının said it was mandatory.

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