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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 British players and the decisions of managers

What the Premier League over the next 12 months to live ... let's take a look at

The new year came round. Everyone has an optimism. This positive atmosphere, to the past out of a sponge offers the possibility to make a clean start in later days, of course.

Premier League different from the situation for money, money demeyen stars and managers. Make self-criticism in the past year, 2011, so there is a great benefit to enter.

Goal.com as a team, we will have them, of course, some recommendations ...

Wayne Rooney - geçirmeliyim more time with my family.

Wayne Rooney's not for us to interpret the personal life inmeyen headlines throughout 2010, but the Manchester United striker player into the new year we hope to collect his wits. Last 12 months of leaving behind the troubles for the Red Devils and the national team more time to study.

Glen Johnson - I will learn a new language.

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson, Glen Johnson was able to fix the problems in a large extent, but still the player to leave the club in January, rumors continue.

Rafael Benitez's transfer to Inter, with the possibility of sending gets out, the other Italian team, Juventus soccer player that is interested in a serious way. Johnson, himself an Italian dictionary almasında is a good idea as a gift for the new year.

Sam Allardyce - evaluate the new career opportunities.

Blackburn coach from the sacked Sam Allardyce, Burnley'den rejected the proposal and gave the signal is greater than the pursuit of career opportunities.

However, Real Madrid or Barcelona to bid him open götürmeyeceği. To think a little more modest Allardyce'a recommend ...

Mario Balotelli - I will learn to smile more.

Mario Balotelli'ye played football field, at least to behave as we sing umursuyormuş? .. Manchester City'li scorer 11 games and scored 8 goals reveals a very successful performance. But even when a hat-trick against Aston Villa, the player's face is not possible to come across a feeling of excitement or another.

Balotelli is a very big talent. We hope that in 2011, learns to be a little more cheerful.

Roman Abramovich - have to be more generous.

Chelsea management, decided to get rid of excess kadrodaki: Joe Cole, Deco, Ricardo Carvalho and Michael Ballack were allowed to go. However, the team also made a reinforcement Ramires worthwhile outside.

Arsenal defeated Tottenham Hotspur Sunderland and Everton'la also remain tied after the end of Chelsea's season likely to be the champion into trouble. Roman Abramovich threw his hand in his pocket Carlo Ancelotti must have modest assistance.

Roy Hodgson - I will learn new tactics.

Anfield this year is very complex situations and works very well in terms of Roy Hodgson's not going to accept the need for clean-cut.

One of the main sources of the problem, the former coach of Fulham Hodgson'ın approaches and to abandon the old tactics persist in the way that you practiced during the team's achievements. Technical man decides to implement new tactics, opponent, or to develop different strategies to impose the expulsion of the game has to be the eye.

Carlos Tevez - arınacağım harmful substances.

Such as Rooney, Manchester City'li striker Carlos Tevez to return to the days of the longed for a very short time managed to make a U-turn. Discomfort created by the transfer gossip at the club and also understand how much that was unnecessary.

Tevez'in, such as advisor Kia Joorbachian surrounding the "harmful substances" from the re-purification is very important if your business focuses on tasks that would take a signature.

Michael Owen - should study more.

Believe it or not, Michael Owen, only 31 years old people. And again, believe it or not, is expected to play a few more years in one of the world's biggest clubs. Owen transfer to Manchester United as a bonus attracted all the attention, but his injuries prevented the player himself had been gösterebilmesine.

If Owen wants to live in a renaissance in his career, some work must get up from where she lies. However, it is striker always remind us what a great time.

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