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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Very Fine Movements These Christmas special (CGH full video watch Channel D)

Very nice moves, Channel D screens christmas special christmas special sketches by the artists they showed the full staff and a surprise. CGH had the audience broke.

ICC Kitchen full squad on the stage!

Kanal D in 2011 to meet with joy. Displays the most entertaining program BKM Kitchen "Very Fine Movements These", the year's most entertaining, most jesting, prepared for the singing part of the New Year's Eve! BKM Mutfak'ın the general art director Yılmaz Erdoğan, Murat Eken giving a break to the program, River Falcon, Bulent Bright and Ryan they are located in Beijing, the special part of Christmas as well; Text Senturk, Soner Sarıkabadayı, Kubat, Yasar, Sarp Apak, and Sercan Yildirim Bursaspor's top scorer, surprise of surprises on the characters and themselves, took part in sketches by Christmas!

Very Fine Movements These sketches will come up this morning only on Christmas and of course the ICC Kitchen grove, just as last year, they gave a very special mini concert repertoire will feature in the program. Talihlilerinin what happened to the National Lottery New Year's Day classic, Christmas party, trying to catch up with traffic, the remaining couples, two friends meet by collecting garbage in the new story, and much longed for adventure raffle Boğaç'ın Hıyarlı Father Christmas Mother Christmas dinner with the early arrivals this evening display heads Carrot laughter and fun is guaranteed. Very Fine Movements Bunlar'ın wonderful "New Year's Eve Special Section" Do not miss nude!

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