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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shadows and vision Suretler'in Born March 11

Starting in 1963 between the Turks and Greeks in Cyprus 'Cyprus Events' falling apart from his father, a Karagoz kuklacısı transferred to the big screen through the eyes of a young girl. 47. International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Feature Film Competition category of the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Editing and returned with the Shadows and surrogates, Dervis Zaim's Waiting for Heaven (miniatures) and point (line) begins with 'Traditional Turkish Arts' trilogy ring. Release, 11 March, will meet the audience.

Shadows and surrogates, the 1963 conflict in Cyprus has the distinction of being the first film came on the agenda. In addition, the Greek Cypriot and Turkish players in North Cyprus in their first feature film with the nature of being. Expects to establish the conditions to attract the movie for 14 years, putting in a full Dervis Zaim 'Shadows and Suretler'de1963'te events in Cyprus during the beginning of a transformation of a young girl falling apart from his father, Karagoz kuklacısı and explains the process of maturation. Collapsed and burning villages, the more secure city, escape and adventure, friendships during the war environment in Cyprus, the story sheds light on the sixties years. Cyprus Karpas region of the village fund and the story Büyükkonuk Wonderful scenery, villages, hills and the sea is.

Together with the Turkish and Greek players featuring in the film, Osman Alkaş Settar Tanrıöğen, Erol Refikoğlu, Bugra Gülsoy, Caspian Ergüçlü, Popi Avraam, John Pepper, Nadi Guler Ekrem glorifying, Cihan Tariman, Utilities Cem, Konstantinos Gavriel, the performance of players such as Pantelis Antonas is striking.

The film marathon Film and green film, Ekinci Sadik authorized producer, producer Emma Oskay enforcement, Elif Taşçıoğlu art director, costume designer took the Özinal Hussein. 'Shadows and the Emre Erkmen Suretler'in director of photography. The film was confirmed to be released on March 11.

Shadows and surrogates, subject, driving tempo, the language of the Turkish cinema with freshness and a stunning work stands out as different.

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