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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In the first book fair opens in Adana

Cukurova 4 TUYAP Adana International Exhibition and Convention Center Book Fair opens tomorrow. TUYAP London Fair, in cooperation with Turkey Publishers Association, the Metropolitan Municipality and the contributions of the organization held the Golden Koza'nın Cukurova Education Fair will be held concurrently with. The authors bring together readers and non-governmental organizations attending the book fair, 170 publishing houses. Cukurova 4 Book Fair under the panels, talks, poetry recital, and children's activities and a signature cultural event, such as 58 days of the 300 writers will meet with Journey.

Silk Calislar them, Altan Oymen, Can Dundar, Gulten Dayıoğlu, Ahmet Telli, Selim Temo, Ataol Behramoglu, Muzaffer İzgü, Yekta Kopan, Turgut Özakman, Ayse Kulin, Canan Tan, Iskender Pala, Mehmet Yashin, Love Special, Mine Soysal, Sukru Erbas and many other poets, writers and scholars during the 6 days, guests will meet readers. By the Adana Golden Cocoon Literary Festival and the Golden Cocoon held with the participation of writers from the first year of the "Flower nose Cartoonists' Meeting of the exhibition showing the prominent events.


Last year, 160 publishing houses, 186 thousand readers had visited the Çukurova Cukurova Book Fair and Education Fair held in the same time, between January 11 to 15 10:30 to 20:30, on 16 January with the closing day of the visit can be between the hours of 10:30 to 20:00. Input fairs free of charge.

When the book is three years, as many of the country this year will take pleace yayıneviyle elite. When the Bible there is a surprise to readers. Books, exhibition of photographs prepared for the history of Adana posters of every reader of the book will be a gift. In addition, during the exhibition bookshop signing books editor Yusuf Caglar will chat with readers.


Speaking at a press conference held at the Seyhan Adana Deputy Mayor Unsur mind, the book fair is a great wealth of Çukurova, he said. This year the 4 'water literacy in the city with pop-up book fairs and book sales increase in the number of voicing Unsur, this pleasing çabaladıklarını recorded for the further development of the table.

Directorate of National Education with the support of thousands of institutions of primary and secondary students will be provided fair to express our crawl Unsur, within the framework of regional cooperation organizations with a free bus to Mersin, Tarsus, Kahramanmaras, Gaziantep, Osmaniye, Hatay, Nevsehir, and districts told the visitors moved to the fair. 25-30 per cent of the number of visitors than last year, indicating they want to fold Unsur, announced they would support the activities of all kinds. TUYAP London Book Fair and Training Director General Ilham Ersözlü Fairs successfully passed the Cukurova said. Turkey Kenan Kocatürk Publishers Association Member of the Board, stressed that exceeded its $ 1 billion within the small constraints of publishing.

Reminiscent of a book printed in Turkey, around 400 million years Kocatürk 32-33 thousand varieties each year, says a new book printed. The book draws attention to increasing sales of Textbooks, "as we read in the country at least have a wing. Some scholars do not know the source of some of the data in every 10 people in the country say that a book falling. But we have our data is not the case. Our children have become addicted to the screen. Parents television and computer dependence on parents to rescue their children gezdirmesini necessarily recommend the book fairs. " he said.

TUYAP Book Fair in Adana in 2011 and then March 5 to 13 journey to London, April 16 to 24 in Izmir, May 17 to 22 will continue to Diyarbakir. This year, 30 Istanbul Book Fair will celebrate the anniversary will be held on November 12 to 20.

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