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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nazim Hikmet Cultural House was opened in Polatli

Polatli district Nazim Hikmet Cultural House was opened at a ceremony in Ankara be edited.

District Nazim Hikmet Cultural House opened in the Republic of the opening of the hinge Street Polatli Mayor Jacob Steel, Vice Mayor Ali Ozturk, Saban Yilmaz, Faruk Yavuz City Council member, former District President of the CHP, Abdulkadir Yildirim, Nazim Hikmet, and many teachers participated in a fan.

Polatli Mayor Jacob Steel, Polatli, cultural, intellectual life, said he had gone there and back every day. Steel,''I see a lack of cultural and intellectual life in Polatli unfortunately not every day you went back. This is a new tradition in the city read yazmışlarının oluşturamadıklarını have to see in this sense. Right and left thinking, but no thought to anyone without insulting anybody, but without insulting any faith is not in discussion in respect doğurabileceğimiz really thought, belief, we have to create environments of respect flourish. I would like to see it this way kültürevini more. History as a tip, as shown against each other with the late Nazim Hikmet Necip Fazil. But at lunch, but they are parts of a whole. 'If I had my system hang Nazim you, then sits him at the foot of the tree hüngür hüngür cry. " I need people to say that there is a mutual communication of such income. Perhaps we need it more today çağdakinden each günkünden each. God willing, this is the culture of Polatli, entelektüellinin yeşermesine is conducive. "He said.

Abdul Nazim Hikmet Kültürevi'ni leading Lightning, "People get older, memories of the multiply, dreams azalırmış 'they say, and I dream during my declining, while attempting to open a Kültürevi'ni Nazim Hikmet, one of dreams, I'm happy I'm having a moment. Nazim Hikmet Cultural House under the name of life we've been through this physical space, a population of 120 thousand young people come and look at the upcoming Polatlı'mızda daily life on the left window, newspapers, books, can read, will be a place to feel the smell of Anatolian culture. However, this area of cultural events, theater, guitar, will be instrumental courses. Retired teachers' contributions Support will be given free education to children of families with limited income. Nazim Hikmet Cultural House with its own source of power until the low-income students can afford will help the economic sense. Nazim Hikmet Kültürevi'nin practical work, they will be social and political affairs. " he said.

CHP Polatli the Mayor City Council Member Faruk Yavuz kültürevinin steel, Jacob wanted to change the street name as Nazim Hikmet. Mayor Jacob Steel, Nazim Hikmet giving the name of a street or alley, the financial burden would bring in terms of trades, you will need to renew their licenses, so we evaluate the offer said.

Performing Arts Center Performing Arts, the opening of Ankara Ertan players sang the poems of Nazim Hikmet.

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