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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haunted historic-traffickers Gırnavaz Mound

Born in the town of Mardin Nusaybin Gırnavaz Mound excavations were made illegal. Located 4 kilometers north of the town and the first to accept Islam 'Gin's tomb is believed to Miri numerous historical artifacts found in excavations of the mound before. Historical work on night-time traffickers were made by illegal excavations on the mound.

News mound to make a run to the journalists, a depth of 2 meters to 1 meter in width at the top of a freshly dug pit realized that. Journalists, officials conveyed to the situation in the region, any excavation work is not an official said.

History of the Islamic faith in terms of structure and a lot of important Gırnavaz Mound in 1982 - 1991 excavations were made between the years. Many historical artifacts unearthed in excavations of the ancient period and sent to museums in the region. However, in 1992, two archaeologists who are excavating the area for 18 years after the unsolved murder of the excavation being done in the region.

BC Excavations 7 While several works of the century, the region is claimed to be the capital of the Hurrian-Mitanni'lerin.

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