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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ereğlili teachers 'Last Taxpayers' book

Zonguldak Eregli District National Education Directorate of R & D department teacher Jamie Kelly, 'Last Taxpayers Required Operating Eregli Coal Basin (1940-1947) entitled "wrote the book.

Eregli District Directorate of Education R & D department teachers Jamie Kelly, thanked everyone who supported him in the preparation of the book. Jason Kelly, "The aim of this study, the Eregli Coal mines 1940 - 1947 is applied between the obligation of paid work, the last witnesses to take once more to take from the mouth. He talked to the period of living in the 24 miners. They average 90 years old. Period last working generations. This features that people did not know this until yesterday. But we knocked on the doors of their way. that in the memory of the way that 60-70 years ago and have carried out re-questioned. oral history of the species in this book, scanned, and the period of approximately 200 square kilometers testify whether a basin is still We asked questions, visit and live ones. He stated that over the working conditions identical to us. They have recorded and appeared in the book. " he said.

Kelly, the City of Eregli Wedding Hall on Friday, January 14 issue of the liability period of the book itself be held with the participation of the persons who have lived in an interview and book signing will introduce the day.

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