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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

High School Musical, with English song to represent Turkey in Eurovision

Will represent Turkey in Eurovision Song Contest music group High Fidelity, a good song for a degree in English seslendireceklerini said.

The group will represent Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Germany, holds a press conference on preparations Feriye Restaurant competition. 3 candidates prepare for the competition group of songs, the songs will complete the last week of January.

Group members, Happy Özmakinacı songwriter and bass player, other than themselves have evolved to participate in Eurovision, he said. TRT's decision to participate in the competition they received the request transmits Özmakinacı, "we have decided to join to make decisions quickly. So far we interviewed, Based on comments received degrees in English, we reached the point in terms of defining the situation is quite serious. Attending songs better grades take. Our preference is shifting from the Türkçe'yle no problem despite the lack of English. I think I will participate with a piece of English. " he said.

Eurovision for their own good 'as soon as' Happy Özmakinacı not think stating that the competition is very much debated referring to a competition, the countries biggest thing elegance round off the contest drew attention to political issues. This is also the problem of the group passes through his mind Özmakinacı said, "We have musicians of this country, we ate bread and water, drank. TRT has demanded such a thing from us. Our country is not in any way to turn back to represent the request. We believe that everyone owes the country grow. Such a demand on geliniyorsa There is no need for further consideration. You have respect for friends who think the opposite. As a result you will represent your best thinking they come, we are showing respect to this request. " he said.

Turn to each other, pointed out that the political situations of countries voting Özmakinacı effective, "the elegance of this competition is affected. This contest is taking something. To overcome this problem, the right attitude, good to introduce yourself to as much as possible. The most practical way to the television shows with these countries and small can be performed. Which countries seem to whom is given vote. " phrase.

"TRT with the common denominator which buluşuyorsunuz?" Kenan Vural question shaped the group's lead vocalist, and from European countries ahead of the competition will be a rally, said, publicity around here said they would. His music for the hardware needs to be expressed outside Vural, also on the common ground, "the best way to represent our country," has paid off.

In the meantime, entering the word Özmakinacı, TRT group and the basic things that left a large group left the initiative said. So far he said walking in this way.

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