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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ali Who is Curly?

The real name is Ali ÖZÜTEMİZ, Curly Turhal Tokat.I 'm in the town of Ali 11.10.1968 Erenli Village, was born the youngest of nine siblings. He was born 40 days of his father's death were given bread. Here are the circumstances when my son went back to his grandfather and his father's name says, gives the name of the ALI. Love your own region, known as the father of Ali, and a very popular local folk ozanıdır. Artists in periods when the school grows and begins to sing folk songs. To bind to and interest in folk music, minstrels and ancestors from the village started listening to the door of them. Kah winch to take the field in the bread, sometimes with the sound of sheep bells joins pursuit of lamb now forget everything, forget that attaches to a folk song.

Rushes over a rock ballad singing dreams and hears a voice deep in the meantime, he güccük güccük, the youngest of the house because of this sound güccük Gulbahar lady's mother's name belongs to the wearer. Recognizing that the status of his son's wife Gulbahar, such as holding hands and eyes will take you home from stores such as connecting protects you by removing the memory from your father saying to tie the hands of al güccüğüm ignites Alim. Artist takes to connect the great joy of his mother kissed his hand. Shed tears of happiness for the first time in his life at that moment. Joy does not last very long and is broken as a result of an accident binding. Despite all the poverty and financial impossibility, in this situation who upset the great uncle Jack and his older brother Sadiq, a stormy artist in a snowy winter morning, taking with them the way Turhal amounts. Sword in the Reed home Turhalda going to take a new context and returns to the village with the happiness of reaching the young Ali binding.

Mahmut Ozan came to bury his wife at that time from istanbul to ROCK, this despite the pleas kıramayarak despaired artist will give a lecture for 15 days. Dedelik this process both in the village, as well as continuing the tradition of minstrelsy also influenced the artist Faith KÖRPECİ grandfathers 3rd grade elementary school teacher from the classroom to develop Fevzi KÜPELİnin connect you with the support continues.

SHERIFF Mahzuni, Abdullah Papur, Ali KIZILTUĞ, Ali Akbar FLOWERS, Muhlis RIVER, Reza Aslandogan, Arif RIGHT, great masters such as Musa Eroğlu and Sebahat Akkiraz is listening to the sample grows. Bind to most of the time spent playing the artist has come a long way now and in the surrounding villages began to be invited to be the difference.

Artists describes this process;
I was born in 1968 in the village of Erenli Tokat.I 'm Turhal district. I've never seen my father, I was born 37 days ago has died in an accident. 9 siblings grew up an orphan. I am most küçükleriyim, that is to say like my mother's family, the güccüğü. Years in school, hard-working, successful and one was a child so mischievous, madcap sığmazdım. My teachers called me Cin Ali ney çekmişim my grandfather. After the first school to school due to financial difficulties and inadequate conditions, I had to put an end to my life. Like this story is starting with the support of big brother Sadıkın 1983te brought me up to Istanbul. Is not it? Are all the people of Anatolia düşürmemiş Poverty abroad? Maybe a town from the village before, and then the world's four major cities or abroad to a number of third deyimimle bucağına So my number ends.
Reed House and the production studio in Istanbul Kasımpaşada Gungor started to work. Lasted 1.5 to 2 years. At the same time I received the first branch of Aşıklama Tepebasi club competition in the audio. ASM's Course in 1985, I signed up. Solfege training lasted for 3 months then I had to leave for aidatlarımı can not pay. I worked there after leaving the studios of the garment up to 3 years. In this process, night clubs, wedding halls, etc. by playing context, I gave the struggle of holding on to life in difficult conditions.

Casino wedding halls and start to work after a long and curly hair because curly, and in 1988 began to be named as Ali marries Şadıman Hanim. His son and daughter, Eren Ecemgül a happy life, bring huge. Today Eren 15, Ecemgül, 10 years. Life Request! Get Them While devotion to the children of this marriage continues today, but not known to Curly. In addition, the absence of a relationship than just Şadıman Hanim also have a respectable ... Makes the task of military service in 1990-91. After military service is now starting to express their own feelings of musical artist, with his own compositions, and gained experience working in difficult conditions makes 3 albums between the years 1994-1998 with this album, but due to financial imkansızlıklardan unmarketable.
1995, Ibrahim and Mustafa Yilmaz Akkaya Cranes have set up in conjunction with the Group. Folk songs of the album's first album, Folk Songs 1996da Road Eyledik steps into professionalism. In 1998 the second album, Folk Songs Kimliğimiz i turn out. Curly Alia music on this album are in the works owned by Cranes. Since the unsparing 1983ten material and moral support, it is still the producer, said Ibrahim Yilmaz kirvesi and life companion in 1999 with the support of Rose's first solo album, Out of interest I'm Exhausted market. Intertwined with the music Ali grew up in Curly, gave labor. As for albums, each a distinct flavor and color are taken at a time, listen to songs from dinlenesi solves the language of your nights with.
The first step of the way his music career when he and moral supporters of the demonstrators; Musa Eroğlu, Güler Duman, Slipknot is. Curly doğrultunda Ali himself, always improving their guidance, the most remote corner of Turkey gave concerts until the wandering. That so many came to go to Germany, a day out to Germany Visa problems could not access the amount of rain there, the Turks and the German Consulate vizesindeki to troubleshoot the phone. Music market intelligence secrets to the success of the traditional patterns erdirememişse also the fact that his secret is simple: I am happy with sadness, joy, burukluğunu, the vibrancy of the world cry out through songs.

He appeals to every sector; Solcusu, sağcısı, rockçısı, popçusu have listen to everyone. The first time the name is known but unknown to himself. Now, because of all the masses hitabından known to everyone. Have a wide audience. Albums by himself for at least ten of the work. Slipknot compositions, especially in a multi-artist sang and Sibel Can. Gurbetçilerimize within a short time abroad, giving concerts, especially in the tradition of minstrelsy, Anatolian folk songs and compositions in the host setting out its interpretation of the style, reaching up to the reputation in Australia and Canada.

Exhausted I Get Them OUT ROSE Curly adventure, stinging nettle, THIRD Gurbet began with his albums, and this adventure, it will produce many more similar to the folk song. As is known, particularly the People's Artist of him, and alienation in society, the art of life experience the power of subjective feelings of the people of this process, the interpreter could be with the people and managed to integrate people. In this context, Curly Ali, subjective dramas through the sea of folk songs from the incredible enthusiasm BIRTHDAY RETROSPECTIVE Hearts this season's latest album, almost falling, like a fourth cemre continues.

Already bright stars, the shadows of his own modest, they work as they are born to be. Nice feeling and a nice tune, and that life smells from tezatlarıyla albums, Curly Ali ..

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