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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mustafa me not interested

Mustafa Erdogan's lack of interest in circles close to the artist says it is the main source of distress.

Gülben Ergen, Mustafa Erdogan's wife for a divorce lawyer Kezban Khatami rejected claims his attorney. Twitter by this news is not true artists, journalists excluded from the phones behind the same canal kesilmeyince 'All my friends are looking for journalists. You are not a divorce, did not give any power of attorney or an attorney. Another explanation I do, I would salute 'another note he görderdi.

Adolescent yanaşmayınca to make a statement out, in the close vicinity of the signal it has detected a divorce. 'Gülben boşanıyor news had come about in 2008. Then I sent a written explanation along with Mustafa and his wife, 'do not have a problem with marriage, very pleased, saying it denied the news. But now I talk to the net. Only a divorce açmadığını says. Deliberate acts against journalists in the future, a liar does not want to go 'said the relatives, the source of the problem is a lack of interest in the Mustafa Erdogan said.

First, the elder son of Atlas, after the birth of twins home from South Ares and closing Gülben Ergen, his wife complained about the lack of help to him in this exhausting and stressful ... Indifference from time to time to reach the summit, Erdogan Ergen avoid crisis is bringing home for days. Can not tolerate this apathy is no longer seriously considering divorce for the last period. Geçmemesinin yet mobilized in that direction is because the news from friends and family members of the suggestions ...

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