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Saturday, January 8, 2011

'Şehrazat'ı visited the party was thrown

Bosnia-Herzegovina acclaim watched "1001 Nights" series, "Scheherazade" portrays the role of Poor comment visiting the Social Democratic Party (SDP) party, was expelled from Cazin Provincial Vice-President

SDP party in the municipal administration in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cazin, 25-27 November, visited the municipality of Izmir's Urla and Çeşme.
Skip to the SDA party also attended by managers and Yasmin Abdagiç. According to information received, the delegation learned that Korel Urla for shooting another series. The delegation went on the set of the film, Korel'le photo was taken, and chatted for a while. After the return of the mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina, SDP managers, Izmir, outgoing, and has shot photos Bergüzar Korel'le Abdagiç'i expelled from the party the previous day. Reacting to the decision of the same party Abdagiç'le Cazin Municipality councilors and Hakiya Samardzic Bayriç Azra was exported in the SDP.

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