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Saturday, January 8, 2011


He is a man of love ... Hearts, does not the promise of love ... Even in everyday speech, such as poetry, talking, living in deep like poetry ... Gecelerinize for many years, touching a name on the radio Denizhan Burhan dreams ... "Reflection" radio program, most of the strings is the story of a world of aralayan Denizhan Burhan. Turkey's most listened to radio programs for 11 years, the Burhan, poems, giving voice to them, and now audiences will bring kitaplaştırdı. Will be released very soon, "Reflection" album, the poetry of drought in the country have also Majnun Layla, on the Mevlana ... Market is very different from saying that the album's other poetry Denizhan Burhan, the first video clip "Commemoration My Step" pulled his poetry. Burhan radio and television programs, which will begin in the coming days, "Radio indispensable, keeping alive a patient man. Taste completely different on the radio, have a caravan there, love, hope to a caravan ... "We talked dedi.Denizhan Burhan'la La Music studio. Music masters of world music album in which to prepare and Burhan Mustafa Beyazkuş also accompanied our conversation.


When the strings began to fall out of you?
Our inner feelings, Whose picture, Whose is Whose music is in writing. I was 8 years old childish poems I wrote. They are still reserved. Tanışmamla subsequent albums continued to travel Sezen Aksu and the sentimentality of songs that combined their love of that era, enormous verses began to emerge. I wrote myself, and then began to sell for school, cola and cake!
Lived with his girlfriend breaks the problem "How barışırım" acrostic poems to friends living in fear of writing. Poet poetry book came out and took the first step in 2000. Poems thus began to spread, the book has sold well.

So what in your life into radio?
I was one listened to the radio. One day my friend "poem I heard on the radio," he said. Okunuyormuş poems on a radio station in Ankara. Then I went as a guest on the radio, publication and general manager, called "Do you work with us?" He said. So I met up to radio.

However, the Geological Engineering okumuşsunuz ...
I tried a short-term construction sites in Anatolia. Mountains inspired stones. Workers there, she was good periods so that the dear village to village, besleniyorsun ... Then, "This is not me," I said. Poems that make me happy. Any time that I am miserable at the Open, this shirt, t wear anything else!

Soon you will reach your audience in the poetry album ...
There was a dream for many years after the condition. Had a dream with the support of those who love us very different. Waited for the right time. The album is called "Reflection", lasted for 4 months working as a poem in and out 'Memorial me my name' kliplendirdik poem.

Night and day are in the poem as poetry live like you think ... Poetry? A deeper, more subtle ...
I love anarşistiyim! I also have two of three from the board, one of crack! Love is advocating, in the name of love am actions. I would sacrifice myself to protect the rights of love. Without Love is not the universe. Mysticism in the way I present it into poems. The pain of love and stayed up the coast in the night or ill, longing, yearning heart buckling of people who do not or is there?

Night radio program, while more intense state of feeling ... What you feel in those moments?
In a world very different, that moment no one able to recognize me. Im flying feeling, but getting a personality such as self-pass. Feel, feel. Which won the people playing? I think I'm unique, everyone is different. He further depth ... Also likened me to some, but the challenge Hodri, Let's talk about the same stage the same microphone, very different from ...

Looks like a frame to look like you need to haul people around you ...
Audience loves me, but a little mesafeliyim. I love to do a quality thing, not to pass too intertwined to stand where I like the stand. I too believe that the separation thesis brings more than sincerity. Mehmet Akif Ersoy has a very nice mısrası "Had an art to know," he says. I actually ruhluyum child, I am full of love.
So I have listened for 10 years. Graduated from high school, university, listen to me. Do I grow old, no 16 years old! But I'm late, left!

Who is left too late, why do you think?
Poetry program and to do good, I did a quality job, to get from the rating! Programcısını lovers embrace and pressed a radio in this sector have done the same thing before, do not have a chance to ezdiyseniz başarınızla a man! Their egos are effective in the past friendship, someone is engaged in and tries to destroy you!

Denizhan BURHAN

$ 1000 'personalized poem' offer!
To what extent the audience's love for you? What is shared?

He is a man of love messages are usually full of love. Even far away "come to me say" the future, people are now numerous. Very strange messages come in. Money for a certain "Do you read me a poem?" I very seriously and there are incoming messages. A poem is being offered $ 1000! There are also offering the love of a very pure. "Please do not exaggerate," I say, and I do not see me as a special case. Who reads poetry on the radio tonight that the intensity of feeling it would come to such proposals.

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