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Friday, January 7, 2011

Scapegoat ... Cinemas Movie Poster TOOK PLACE!

The film is assumed by the Media Engineer Film Production Company, makers Kayahan Nacar, Ceyhun Büyükbeşe, which directed Cenk Özakıncı'nın, his original symphonic music Batuhan Firat, 'Sin Goat' vision of the film comes on 21 January.

Internet clicks blockbuster 'Sin Goat' trailer in the cinemas after the film's poster was in place.

Falcon starring K. 's 2011 movie starring film is set to become the most entertaining and funny. Nuri Alço Yeşilçam famous character actors, as well as the rapist in the film Ali Coskun and Sevtap Parman'ın Desidero and K. Turgay Sahin at Tanülkü 'Or is accompanied.

In Germany, leaving behind the plain and the lives of famous and rich, but unhappy reunion with a normal life who try Sahin K., and our hero escapes the cellar starts new adventures in this beautiful seaside town. Disarming the people of Bodrum and the trade thrown Sahin K. Caner bad reputation because of the lost son of the town at the same time strive for the reunion with the desire to solve the problems of a 'People's Hero' becomes. Falcon wants a peaceful life to drive identified as K. himself to recognize foreign tourists because of their mobilization will start again. K. Falcon Although a regular life to beat adventure and drag it to the new oaths, although fame gotta leave ...

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