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Friday, January 7, 2011

Cinemas THIS WEEK!

Friday, January 7 (tomorrow) will be released between the two Turkish-made film has a total of three movies.

The first film after the much anticipated second and final series Eyyvah Alas''2''and the most important figure in the agenda in recent days about the life of Said Nursi in the''Free Man:''Said Nursi, by film fans, people began to be spoken without vision .

Last days of a new era began in the Balkans, as well as a romantic film about a tragic love story, a small village in southern Herzegovina, the war not yet ended. After years of communist regime, a new democratic government in the past to deal with. Buntic Divko remaining in exile for years, the former returns to his hometown to avenge his family, including closing the accounts. Besides new and younger wife, a black cat, a big Mercedes and has a ton of money. Although it seems that everything is solved, especially after the money gets into the hands of the ropes of life. War is based on the door, saying his life is turned upside down Divko a final attack to defeat fate works.


Who managed to be among the favorites to moviegoers' Alas Alas Geyikli 2 and Tenedos in the Aegean began shooting took place in the whole North. The first film is in love with the daughter (Libby Borak Şakrak) and to request Firuzan (Miracles Akbay) set out to Geyikli'ye Hussein (Ata Demirer) Alas Alas thousand adventure awaits at 2.

I can not give HÜRRİYETSİZ''live''without bread

Case for the sake of''the story of a man who defies the world anlatıltıldığı''Free Man: the movie''Said Nursi, Said Nursi's life is reflected in the big screen sections.

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